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How To Dress Up a Porta Potty for Your Holiday Party

November 15, 2022

If you have ever felt the joy of seeing that portable restroom rental just before it was too late, then you understand and appreciate the value a porta potty rental can bring. All we have to do to realize the need for sufficient restroom options is to imagine our guests in that situation. Are you hosting a holiday party or event? You want to make sure you have ample porta potty rental options. If you are considering a portable restroom rental, though, you don’t have to stop there. Make It a Festive Porta Potty Don’t forget, this is a holiday event, so... View Article

Benefits of a Temporary Fence

August 26, 2022

Construction sites require security and protection because they come with the risk of injuries and environmental contamination. Moreover, expensive equipment and materials can be exposed to theft and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to install temporary fencing that will protect a construction site and make it more secure.  If you are asking yourself the question, "Why should I use temporary fencing?", here is a list of the main benefits of temporary fencing you should know about:  What Are Temporary Fencing Benefits?  Below we have listed several advantages of having temporary fencing around a construction site: ... View Article

Is Porta Potty Water Always Blue?

July 15, 2022

Odds are, you’ve never put much thought into how a porta potty rental works, but, trust us, it’s actually way more interesting than you might expect!  Whether you get a restroom trailer rental from Ace Diversified Services in Ohio or your standard porta potty, you’ll notice that they always come full of mysterious blue water.  Here’s what you should know about the blue water in every porta potty.  The Truth Behind Porta Potty Rental Water Porta potties have always had one major design problem: the smell.  Without a central sewer connection to flush away waste, porta potties needed a more... View Article

Are Porta Potty Sinks Sanitary?

June 1, 2022

Porta potties are great assets to have when you’re holding a special event. However, you might want to know how sanitary they and their accessories are. Here’s a little bit of information about the potties, their sinks, and other features.  How Clean Are Porta Potties? It’s natural to wonder about the health and safety of others before you do a portable restroom rental. The good news is that you can have high confidence in your porta potty. Most portable restrooms are made with polyurethane materials, which are easy to clean. That means you can use special sanitizers on them if... View Article

Tips to Help You Avoid Dropping Your Phone in a Porta Potty

May 1, 2022

There’s an expectation that the bathroom lines will start to form during your wedding reception. And as the night goes on and the champagne flows, those lines will only get longer. But you can make a few creative approaches to keep the lines from getting too out of control. Set Up a Bathroom Basket This is a great way to ensure that your guests have everything they need to use the restroom without waiting in line. Fill a basket with travel-sized toiletries like mouthwash, tissue, floss and hand sanitizer. You can also include Band-Aids and pain relievers if anyone gets hurt. This... View Article

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