How To Dress Up a Porta Potty for Your Holiday Party

November 15, 2022

If you have ever felt the joy of seeing that portable restroom rental just before it was too late, then you understand and appreciate the value a porta potty rental can bring. All we have to do to realize the need for sufficient restroom options is to imagine our guests in that situation.

Are you hosting a holiday party or event? You want to make sure you have ample porta potty rental options. If you are considering a portable restroom rental, though, you don’t have to stop there.

Make It a Festive Porta Potty

Don’t forget, this is a holiday event, so why not dress up your portable restroom rental too? Here are a few ideas to consider to liven up your porta potty if you throw a holiday party and use portable restroom options.

Address the Landscape

In most cases, portable restrooms look lonely and out of place regardless of where they are placed. While they are always a sight for sore eyes (and more pressing needs), missing those standing mobile restrooms in the yard or next to the house is difficult.

Using a couple of potted plants or even a few holiday yard signs can help blend and improve the overall appearance of your porta potty. More importantly, it will also help it to feel more fun and festive.

Decorate the Outside of the Portable Restroom

There is more than ample space all around the body of a porta potty to decorate. Adding artificial vines, for example, around the entryway can offer a touch of an elegant holiday feel. 

Using some humorous or holiday-related handmade signs for the door is also another easy way to make a portable restroom more inviting and aesthetic.

Interior Porta Potty Decor

Last but not least is finding decor for the inside of your portable restroom. Bright red holiday bows will add some fun color while a fragrant plant can also exude an aroma and that holiday feel. This is also another place where one of those small funny bathroom-related signs could work well. 

Need Mobile Restroom Services for Your Next Party?

If you are throwing a holiday party or event, then you want reliable, clean, and high-quality porta potty options. For all your restroom trailer rental needs, let our professional and friendly team at Ace help. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your portable restroom services today.



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