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Planning and Executing Special Events, Part One: What We Do Before the Event

May 5, 2021

Planning and executing special events in Toledo, OH takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. As a sanitation company, our job is not only to provide, maintain and remove portable toilets, but to work with event planners and other vendors to ensure your event goes smoothly. If you’re getting ready to hire a portable sanitation company for your next party, festival or fair, read on to find out how we guarantee an easy experience. Exchanging information As you know, the key to a successful event is planning ahead. Even though we’re only responsible for the porta potties or restroom... View Article

Can Portable Toilets Be Used in Hot Climates?

April 20, 2021

Porta potties are a staple at any outdoor event or construction project. But can portable toilets be used in hot climates, like during the summer in Toledo, OH? The answer is yes! Today’s porta potties are engineered to maximize airflow, and many units come with solar-powered fans to keep the space cool and comfortable. In addition to running the fan, this post will cover how you can keep your units cool in hot climates or during the dog days of summer: Find the shade: While the vents will improve airflow and the fan inside your porta potty can further cool... View Article

Should a Porta Potty Be Staked Down?

April 6, 2021

While today’s porta potties are more durable than those from the past, they’re not impervious to windy weather or rowdy teenagers. Because porta potties are at risk of tipping over in certain conditions or when pranksters get cheeky, we always say “yes” when customers ask whether a porta potty should be staked down in Toledo, OH. But just because porta potties need stakes doesn’t mean you should be the one staking them into the ground. Instead, let your professional porta potty rental company handle it for you. They’ll ensure the task is completed correctly and that your units will be... View Article

What Is That Blue Liquid in a Porta Potty Anyway?

March 18, 2021

If you’ve ever been brave (or just curious) enough to look inside a portable toilet, you may have noticed a mysterious blue liquid in the tank. Luckily, it’s much less daunting to find out what it is. Read on to learn more about the blue liquid that can be found in a portable restroom rental in Toledo, OH. Purpose of the blue liquid Unlike a traditional toilet connected to plumbing, a portable toilet does not use water to flush waste away. Instead, waste sits in the tank until it’s cleaned out, which can obviously result in pretty unpleasant odors. In... View Article

Are You Violating OSHA’s Portable Toilet Guidelines?

March 4, 2021

Not only do all workers deserve to be treated well by their employers, but sometimes it’s even written into the law. Toilet access is one such example that might be easily overlooked, but toilets are one of the most important amenities employers of all types must make an effort to provide—especially where restroom facilities are not available in permanent structures. Read on to learn more about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) portable toilet guidelines in Toledo, OH. OSHA requirements Under OSHA Standard 1926.51, employers must provide one toilet for 20 or fewer employees. For between 20 to 200... View Article

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