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What Happens If My Portable Toilet Tips Over?

March 1, 2022

Admit it; you have wondered at times what would happen if a portable toilet were to tip over. It is something that people often ask as they seek to potentially rent portable toilets. Those who work in the construction industry, in particular, have to focus on these kinds of things because that industry frequently rents these toilets, and they can be around a lot of dangerous equipment that might tip one over.  How To Deal With a Tipped Over Porta Potty The first thing to understand about a tipped-over Porta Potty is that you should NOT try to rush to put... View Article

What Are the Guidelines for the ADA Restrooms?

February 15, 2022

If you are an owner or manager of any type of building, it is important that you ensure it is accessible for everyone. This includes ensuring people with disabilities can access the building and use all necessary parts, including the bathrooms. One way that you can ensure that you will keep your building accessible is by following recommendations set by the ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act). Various ADA requirements and recommendations should be understood and followed for your bathrooms.  Clear Floor Space When you are looking to make your bathrooms ADA compliant, one factor to consider is the floor... View Article

How to Avoid Bad Smells from Trailer Restrooms

February 11, 2022

You’re probably familiar with portable toilet rentals, but have you ever seen a restroom trailer rental? Restroom trailers are a luxurious and elegant way to provide your guests a way to use the restroom at an outdoor event. While their setup is a bit more involved, restroom trailers offer a restroom experience closer to that of a regular restroom. Like other portable toilet rentals, you’ll need a way to deal with the accompanying smell. In this article, we discuss some ways to neutralize offensive odors in restroom trailer rentals. Place it downwind One step you can take to avoid malodorous... View Article

What Is Needed to Set Up a Restroom Trailer?

January 28, 2022

While outdoor events can be a good time, they present their own set of unique challenges—namely, a place for patrons to use the restroom. While you could rent a few portable toilets, you could also opt for a restroom trailer rental. Many portable toilet rental companies also offer restroom trailer rentals. Restroom trailers are a high-quality solution to the issue of providing patrons a place to use the restroom at outdoor events. They do require some additional steps to set up though, and that’s what this article will cover. Flat ground Wherever your event is, if you’d like a restroom... View Article

Does a Portable Restroom on My Construction Job Site Cut Down on Expenses and Time?

January 15, 2022

No matter what type of job a person does, there are basic human needs that have to be met. One of those needs is access to a bathroom on the job. Companies cannot cut away this expense no matter what. The best thing they can do is consider how to save on expenses and time while still providing these basic human needs to their employees.  Renting Portable Toilets Construction jobs are known for using portable restroom rental options for their employees while they get their jobs done. They work outdoors, so it is not feasible for them to provide indoor bathroom... View Article

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