The Affordability of Porta Potty Rentals

August 1, 2022

Porta Potty rental is an important step for many events, such as weddings and concerts. If you’re interested in portable restroom rental for your next big event, it is important to understand the overall costs associated with this rental and how they can affect your budget. Here are a few important facts about these cost elements that can ensure you can stay within budget easily during your next event.

Understanding the Average Rental Costs

It typically costs, on average, around $130 per week or $139 every four weeks for portable restroom rental. These costs will vary depending on when you get them serviced. For example, you typically get once-per-week cleaning when renting a portable restroom for extended periods. This helps keep the restrooms clean and easy to use during your events.

When opting for twice a week rental, the price goes up to $268 due to service costs. That said, rental prices can vary depending on your toilet. For example, a larger Porta Potty rental will typically cost you more than when you rent a smaller toilet. Price may also be affected by many other factors that we can help you plan.

Factors That May Affect Price

When you rent a more luxurious toilet or one with more features, your costs will continue to increase. For example, a deluxe toilet may cost $290 per week or $258 every four weeks, depending on what features you add to it. These include things like interior lighting, fresh water, and soap.

One-day rental typically costs more because the team has to deliver the toilet and remove it fairly quickly, which makes it important to increase the overall price. This increase varies depending on the company but may double the weekly rate. Other factors that may affect price include:

  • Delivery costs, including the overall trailer size
  • Whether you get a stall or multiple delivery systems
  • The cleaning steps necessary for each stall
  • How long you plan on using the toilet

In some cases, it is better to get a Porta Potty rental for a week instead of a month, even if the initial monthly price seems cheaper. That’s because you may only need it for a week and only require one cleaning. Remember: Each extra cleaning vastly increases your portable restroom rental costs. Try to schedule your cleanings to be as minimal as possible to ensure that you save money during your event or when performing a construction project.

Learning More About This Process

At Ace Diversified Services, we can help you find a Porta Potty rental that suits your specific needs. Call us at (419) 865-4830 to learn more about portable restroom rental and how it can benefit you. Our team will talk to you about your needs, including your budget. We’ll then find a restroom that fits your specific requirements to ensure you don’t spend too much money on your rental. Then, we’ll find a cleaning schedule that works for your event needs.

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