A Brief History of Porta Potties

August 29, 2022

Have you ever thought about the history of porta potties and how bathrooms got downsized and became mobile? Here’s a brief story about how porta potties came to be and where the concept of movable bathrooms arose.

Where Did Porta Potties Come From?

Some people date the first use of porta potties back to World War II when sailors created primitive bathrooms out of wood and steel for sailors who spent a significant time away from the shore. However, other researchers say the Egyptians began the porta potty concept by carving holes into wooden stools in 14 BC.

The stools had devices similar to vases under them to catch the waste. They were crafted as luxury items for Pharaohs and other high-ranking people and were not a part of every person’s household. The Greeks used a similar concept in later years.  

The World War II devices were poorly crafted, leaving much to be desired. The waste smell was one problem that no one tackled until years later, when someone developed a deodorizing liquid. 

George Harding received the first patent to create a portable bathroom much like the ones we use today, and it was crafted of polyethylene. Later on, in the ’70s, fiberglass potties came to life, as did many improvements to portable restroom construction. Though fiberglass port potties existed, the polyethylene units became more popular and vastly used by people. They were much lighter to transport than the fiberglass units, and their designs were also more desirable.

The 1980s saw significant improvements in the portable potty realm. Manufacturers made complete porta potty trailers and equipped them with running water, flushable toilets, and other favorable amenities. Fiberglass porta potties still exist, but the majority of businesses use the new and improved polyethylene units. 

Today’s porta potties come in a variety of sizes, styles, and feature packages. Renters can now request potties with wheelchair access, portable bathrooms with multiple toilets for large events, and full luxury units with vanity mirrors, sinks, and other fantastic features. They can also request various colors and styles to accommodate their events or construction projects. 

Do You Need a Porta Potty?

You might need to rent or buy a porta potty for many reasons. They are popular at events like weddings, concerts, construction sites, festivals, and more. Businesses also use them for hiring events, annual recreation days, site restructuring, and more. 

What To Look for in a New Porta Potty Rental

If you’re considering renting a porta potty, you’ll need to consider your budget, the number of people attending your event, local regulations, etc. Then you’ll need to get in touch with a reputable porta potty rental company or sales organization to locate the suitable unit for your needs. 

Porta-potty development has advanced dramatically over the years, and that’s why you have so many options to choose from. The next time you think about getting a sporty potty to host an event, remember the pioneers who created them many years ago. 

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