Is Porta Potty Water Always Blue?

July 15, 2022

Odds are, you’ve never put much thought into how a porta potty rental works, but, trust us, it’s actually way more interesting than you might expect! 

Whether you get a restroom trailer rental from Ace Diversified Services in Ohio or your standard porta potty, you’ll notice that they always come full of mysterious blue water. 

Here’s what you should know about the blue water in every porta potty. 

The Truth Behind Porta Potty Rental Water

Porta potties have always had one major design problem: the smell. 

Without a central sewer connection to flush away waste, porta potties needed a more mobile solution to waste management. This is where the blue water comes in. 

The job of the blue water is to neutralize odors, keep things sanitary, and break down waste. This makes the porta potty more pleasant to use and helps it to stand up to long-term use. 

What Goes Into The Blue Water in a Restroom Trailer Rental

The blue stuff in a restroom trailer rental is more than just dyed water. It’s a specially designed chemical solution that keeps porta potties fresh and clean. 

The blue water in a porta potty is made using powerful deodorants and sanitizing chemicals. Technically, the blue water is known as a biocide that specializes in neutralizing gram-positive bacteria. These are the bacteria that are responsible for the foul smells we associate with older porta potties and waste. 

These bacteria can also be dangerous. That’s why porta potties need the blue water to help keep things clean. 

Going Green by Going Blue

The blue water you can find in any modern porta potty rental is actually a way of going green! 

This blue water is a much more environmentally safe option than previous generations of porta potty sanitary solutions. 

Older porter potties had formaldehyde added to the tanks to prevent odors from making using the porta potty unbearable. The blue water is a special mix of chemical and biological enzymes that neutralize odors and even breakdown waste to extend the usability of a porta potty. 

Wrapping Up Blue Porta Potty Water 

Now that you know what the blue water in your porta potty rental is, you have a better understanding of the chemistry and engineering that goes into each and every restroom trailer rental

The pros at Ace Diversified Services of Ohio can help you with all of your porta potty questions and rental needs! 


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