You Should Never Throw These Things 5 Into a Porta Potty

June 15, 2022

Are you considering porta potty rental? Whether at a festival, an event, or using a portable toilet at work, it can be challenging to know what you can and can’t flush down them. It is simple to get into the habit of using the toilet to dispose of a lot of waste when you are at home using your own toilet. However, flushing items down a portable toilet is a different story.

Things To Never Flush Down a Porta Potty

There are several things you should never flush down a portable potty.

Things that have been dropped by mistake

This can happen so quickly. One moment you are flushing the toilet, and the next moment you can’t find your phone. Many items that are valuable, such as phones, credit cards, and jewelry are just some items that crews often recover when portable restroom maintenance is performed. While these items haven’t been put down there intentionally, you should always remove everything from your pockets before using a porta potty.

Sanitary Waste

To save you embarrassment and avoid having to report a blocked toilet at a festival where thousands of other people are using these porta potties, you should avoid flushing any sanitary waste down these toilets. These include tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene items. They should never be flushed down a porta potty. This same rule applies to regular toilets as well. They may operate and look just like regular toilets, but they are unable to handle the sanitary waste.

Instead, put the sanitary waste disposal to use.

Paper Towels & Baby Wipes

Chances are you are carrying plenty of wet wipes and paper towels if you are out all day at a festival or a similar event. If you find yourself carrying these around with you, avoid flushing them down the toilet since it can clog or even break them. This same rule also applies to wipes that claim to be “flushable” since these are also unable to be broken down by the chemicals.

Cigarette Butts

This is a huge mistake for many reasons. Did you know that dropping cigarette butts down a porta potty can actually cause substantial damage to the toilet by burning the plastic? Once it has been flushed into the waste holding tank, it will not be able to be broken down by the chemicals.

Gum and Food 

If you end up at the porta potty with the food you no longer want, avoid throwing it down the toilet. Instead of flushing, the gum will end up sticking to the toilet, which will make it extremely challenging to clean. If it does happen to flush, the chemicals will be unable to break it down. Additionally, food can cause a blockage in the toilet system, which means your porta potty can no longer be used.

Make sure you throw your gum or food into a rubbish bin before heading to the toilet.

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