Are Porta Potty Sinks Sanitary?

June 1, 2022

Porta potties are great assets to have when you’re holding a special event. However, you might want to know how sanitary they and their accessories are. Here’s a little bit of information about the potties, their sinks, and other features. 

How Clean Are Porta Potties?

It’s natural to wonder about the health and safety of others before you do a portable restroom rental. The good news is that you can have high confidence in your porta potty. Most portable restrooms are made with polyurethane materials, which are easy to clean. That means you can use special sanitizers on them if you want to clean them. However, the rental company will deliver them already sanitized and ready to go for your convenience. 

Portable restrooms come with blue sanitizer inside the potty bowl also. The sanitizer neutralizes the waste and leaves a pleasant smell for people visiting the restroom. You can count on your local portable restroom rental company to provide you with extra services to keep your rental bathroom up to par. 

Are Porta Potty Sinks Sanitary?

The porta-potty sinks are very sanitary because the specialists use chemically-engineered cleaning supplies to ensure that all parts of the restroom are cleaned to a high standard. The chemicals they use destroy illness-causing bacteria and eliminate dirt, dust, and other irritants. They will also supply you with antibacterial soap so your guests can clean their hands thoroughly whenever they use the restroom. You may also receive additional disinfectants to help keep your sink and bowl clean whenever the unit is not being serviced.  

What Does the Company Use To Sanitize the Potties?

Sanitation workers use various items to clean the porta-potties. For one, they use a vacuum tank to remove the contents of the holding tank before it builds up enough to overflow. Secondly, they use Aqua-Chem or something similar to eliminate the foul smell from waste and bacteria. The cleaning service people may also use a third type of cleaning solution or disinfectant to clean the toilet and sink. The company can explain all the items they use during your consultation. All you need to do is ask, and they will be willing to offer the information. 

Are There Extra Sanitation Services Available?

You can request additional sanitation services if you don’t feel the provided ones are enough. For example, you can request wash basins and portable hand washing stations for your guests if you expect your event to last longer than a few hours. You can also ask that the company provide you with an odorless toilet tank. An odorless toilet is equipped with an air-tight seal to keep smells from reaching the person using the bathroom. For long rentals, you can ask the cleaning people to visit the stalls and sanitize them more frequently. 

You can rest assured that your portable restroom rental and all of its components are cleaned to the highest degree. Contact a reliable rental company to find out more about the services they provide for sanitation. 

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