Tips to Help You Avoid Dropping Your Phone in a Porta Potty

May 1, 2022

There’s an expectation that the bathroom lines will start to form during your wedding reception. And as the night goes on and the champagne flows, those lines will only get longer. But you can make a few creative approaches to keep the lines from getting too out of control.

Set Up a Bathroom Basket

This is a great way to ensure that your guests have everything they need to use the restroom without waiting in line. Fill a basket with travel-sized toiletries like mouthwash, tissue, floss and hand sanitizer. You can also include Band-Aids and pain relievers if anyone gets hurt. This will help your guests avoid long lines and keep them from missing out on any of the fun.

Have Plenty of Bathroom Attendants

Make sure you have enough bathroom attendants to ensure that everyone gets in and out of the restroom quickly. You can also use this opportunity to really up your wedding game by hiring attendants who keep the lines moving and provide your guests with some toilet paper.

Invest in a Bridal Suite

Consider renting or borrowing a bridal suite for you and your wedding party if your budget can handle it. Then, if anyone needs to use the restroom again or wants to freshen up before heading back out on the dance floor, they won’t have to wait in line.

Reduce the Number of Drinks

If you want to keep the bathroom lines shorter, you might consider reducing the number of drinks you serve at your wedding. This will help prevent your guests from using the restroom as often. Of course, you can still have a fully stocked bar, but you might want to cut back on the champagne or liquor you serve.

Plan Ahead

The best way to keep your wedding reception bathroom lines short is to plan. Talk with your venue about how many restrooms they have, and make sure you know what will happen if any of those bathrooms get too full. You can also let your guests know that the bathroom lines might be long so they can prepare themselves in advance.

Speak with Organizers

If you’re worried about the bathroom lines at your wedding, speak with the organizers of your reception. They might have some helpful tips or strategies that you can use to keep the lines from getting too out of control. Some organizers might even be able to provide you with extra toilet paper.

Consider Porta Potty Rental

If you don’t know how many people will be attending your wedding, and your venue doesn’t have any extra bathrooms that you can use, consider renting a few porta-potties. Don’t wait until the last minute to order these, though, or else you might pay more than you should. A restroom rental company will give you an accurate estimate of how many porta potties you need, and they’ll also make sure that those bathrooms are clean and stocked with toilet paper before the big day.


Long bathroom lines can be a real bummer at your wedding reception. But by talking with your venue and planning, you can keep those lines moving smoothly all night long. Contact Ace Diversified Services for wedding bathroom rental services.

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