Do Porta-Potties Come With Toilet Paper?

May 15, 2022

When you are hosting an outdoor wedding, festival, or party, you will be in trouble when people want to use the bathroom but have nowhere to go. Outdoor spaces usually never have permanent facilities, and this is not a task that you can just delegate to your workers to be in charge of. This is where Porta Potty rental comes in. ACE sanitation can provide you with porta potties to ensure that you get the sanitation and hygiene situation in check. Take a look at the various models they offer.

Graduation Party Special

This recirculating flushing model uses a touch-free foot pedal located conveniently in the alcove to ensure you have no issues moving around. The flip lid comes with an integrated hinge, ensuring that your cleaning job will not be complicated. This fully stocked model is ideal for weddings, graduation parties, and backyard parties.

Standard Porta-Potty

This is the most popular model, setting the standards in the sanitation industry. It is modern, compact, self-contained, and with more space than the rest. It has been built with lightweight plastic and is ideal for festivals, construction sites, backyard parties, and special events. The standard porta-potty comes fully stocked, making users feel like they are using a normal bathroom.

ADA Compliant Porta-Potty

This model has been designed to exceed the requirements of the ADA. It comes with grab bars, low profile tanks, a hydraulic door closer, among many other features,

Handicap Accessible Porta-Potty

If you are looking for a porta-potty that will cater to the needs of people with disabilities, this is the model to go with due to its ground-level access. It is also fully stocked and can be used by anyone in an event.

Special Event Porta-Potty

The special event porta-potty with a modern self-contained design has been built with lightweight plastic. It is ideal for special events, all construction sites, backyard parties, or any other event where people are spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Besides providing enough interior space for guests, the porta-potty inside the walls has a smooth lining. The special event porta potty offers guests the privacy they need and can be moved around easily either by a simple dolly or hand. Event organizers love this model because it meets a lot of needs.

VIP Fleet Porta-Potty W/ Sink

This type of porta-potty is wider and taller than the standard porta potty. If the latter does not address your needs, you can opt for this model. It has a 20-gallon sink and a 60-gallon capacity. It also comes fully stocked, ensuring your guests have everything they need.

Country-Classic Porta Potty

When it comes to portable restroom rental, what makes this model stand out is the old outhouse appearance it has. But besides the appealing look, it is also fully stocked, including amenities like a mirror and shelf.

If you are looking for portable restroom rentals for your next event, Ace Diversified Services has got you covered. We have been providing clean and safe porta-potty rental for many years, and you can trust us to be reliable. As seen above, we also have a variety of models to cater to different needs.



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