Spring Events That Call for Portable Restrooms

April 1, 2022

Are you having a special event that calls for a porta potty rental? Many outdoor festivals, food events, and more call for such things. While they may not be the first thing that crosses your mind, they play a huge role in the success of your event. From food tasting festivals to sporting events, there are many spring events that call for porta potty rentals.

Spring Events

The number of portable rentals you will need may vary substantially depending on the type of event you are having, the number of people, and if alcohol and food are being served. Some of the following events call for a portable restroom rental.


One of the most popular outdoor spring events is weddings. These always require porta potties. For weddings that are smaller with between 75 and 100 guests, you should plan on renting at least two portable toilets for women and two for men. For a wedding with at least 250 people or more, a larger number of rentals will be needed. You should plan on providing at least four portable toilets each for women and men if the number of guests falls between 200 and 250.

Food & Wine Festivals

Outdoor food festivals are extremely popular in the spring. Local wineries often play a role in the action with many samples for guests to taste. Alcohol and food events also mean that you should increase the number of porta potties to ensure guests remain comfortable. There are guides available to help you determine exactly how many portable restrooms you’ll need.

Running Events

Runners are expected to take over the warmer months. It is ideal. If you are planning a full marathon or a 5K race, you must rent porta potties. You will probably need a larger number of porta potties depending on the number of participants you are expecting to have. Various companies will be more than happy to deliver and place the porta potties wherever you see fit best.

Music Festivals

Live music always tends to pull in huge crowds. They are just an exciting way to enjoy beautiful weather and invite the community to come out of hibernation. If you plan on having alcohol and food vendors at your music festival, you should consider increasing the number of porta potties by at least 10 percent.

Whether hosting a food festival, wedding, live music event, or sporting event, porta potties are a must-have. They have the ability to enhance the experience of all attendees. You can check with your local rental company for various options in addition to hand washing stands. They are here to help you properly plan for your next event and for your guests.

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