What Happens If My Portable Toilet Tips Over?

March 1, 2022

Admit it; you have wondered at times what would happen if a portable toilet were to tip over. It is something that people often ask as they seek to potentially rent portable toilets. Those who work in the construction industry, in particular, have to focus on these kinds of things because that industry frequently rents these toilets, and they can be around a lot of dangerous equipment that might tip one over. 

How To Deal With a Tipped Over Porta Potty

The first thing to understand about a tipped-over Porta Potty is that you should NOT try to rush to put it upright again. That is the instinct most people have to fix the problem, but that can almost immediately lead to worse problems. The issue with this is that there is likely sewage that has already spilt in the immediate area, which can pose a risk to your health and those around you. You clearly want to get the issue resolved as rapidly as possible, but you cannot let yourself get so caught up in the moment that you forget to take care of everyone else. 

What you should do when this happens is: 

  • Call the company that you have rented the Porta Potty from.
  • Explain the situation (pranksters, vandals, a construction accident, etc.).
  • Send pictures of the Porta Potty and its location.
  • Allow the rental company to do what it needs to do to handle this troubling issue.

You need to keep a level head and follow procedures in these situations. It is not easy, but you don’t want to make the problem worse by acting rashly. 

How To Prevent Portable Toilets From Falling Over

Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a Porta Potty tipping over, take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place? That is the recommendation from any of the rental companies that send these toilets out to companies that have paid to rent them. They have some commonsense recommendations for people who rent their equipment, including: 

  • Always keep the Porta Potty on level ground.
  • Keep the Porta Potty in a protected location away from vandals.
  • Make sure everyone knows that they need to report any suspicious behavior near a Porta Potty.
  • Keep cameras trained on the area near the Porta Potty to capture images of anyone who might tip one over.

It is unfortunate that companies have to take so many steps to keep themselves safe in these situations, but there are a lot of bad actors out there who would love nothing more than the opportunity to cause some havoc. If you need to rent Porta Potties for your crew, make sure you understand the risks posed by people who will stop at nothing to make your life a bit more challenging. You can take action against them, and you should do so when prompted to act. 

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