How to Avoid Bad Smells from Trailer Restrooms

February 11, 2022

You’re probably familiar with portable toilet rentals, but have you ever seen a restroom trailer rental? Restroom trailers are a luxurious and elegant way to provide your guests a way to use the restroom at an outdoor event.

While their setup is a bit more involved, restroom trailers offer a restroom experience closer to that of a regular restroom. Like other portable toilet rentals, you’ll need a way to deal with the accompanying smell.

In this article, we discuss some ways to neutralize offensive odors in restroom trailer rentals.

Place it downwind

One step you can take to avoid malodorous smells from your restroom trailer rental is to place it downwind from your event. There may be some smell regardless of what you do to mitigate it, so placing it downwind will ensure that your guests aren’t being bombarded with the pungent stench of your restroom trailer.

Use air fresheners

There are several air-freshening products available that you can use to help neutralize the potential stink of a restroom trailer. You can invest in some air fresheners that stick onto the walls of the unit or place aerosol spray cans in your restroom trailer rental.

Try scents that smell like flowers or fruit for the wall air fresheners, and opt for deodorizing aerosol sprays that can nullify bad smells.

Try chemical tank treatments

The products you’ll need for a restroom trailer will differ from the products you’ll need for a portable toilet rental.

You’ll want to look for products that are designed for RV toilet tanks and gravity-flow toilets, as these will be closer to the type of product that you’ll need for your restroom trailer rental.

In addition to this, make sure that your waste-holding tank is properly ventilated, as substandard ventilation can contribute to unwanted scents.

Keep the toilet clean

This may seem obvious, but keeping your restroom trailer’s toilet clean will help to reduce the amount and intensity of unwanted smells.

If you’re using your restroom trailer for multiple days, take some time each day to wipe down the toilet with some vinegar, antiseptic or sweet-smelling cleaning products.

You could also use disposable wipes—just make sure not to toss them down the toilet, as this could lead to clogs.

Add some water

Restroom trailers use gravity-flow toilets. This means that they don’t necessarily need water in them to function. Despite that, you should add water to the bowl both before and after you use the toilet.

This can help seal the bottom portion of your toilet and prevent smells from leaking up through the tank into the trailer. Putting some water down into the tank also helps to reduce odors in the tank itself.

Call to get your restroom trailer today

If you’re hosting an outdoor event and want to try something different when it comes to portable toilet rentals, call us at Ace Diversified Services.

We offer a vast array of restroom trailer rentals, ranging from two-station selfie restroom trailers to deluxe and luxury eight-stall restroom trailers. Whatever your temporary restroom needs, we can help you find a viable and worthwhile solution.

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