What Is Temporary Fencing Suitable For?

December 27, 2021

Need temporary fencing in Holland, OH? Portable fencing solutions are ideal for a variety of situations. Whether you’re hosting a special event, require security for construction sites or need to keep your pet contained outdoors, there are several situations that are well suited for temporary fencing.

Get to know some of them below.

Outdoor events

If you’re hosting an outdoor event in Holland, OH, you’ll need to invest in crowd control barricade rental. There are many types of events that require a temporary fence, especially concerts. Not only can a temporary fence keep out any guests who haven’t purchased a ticket, but they also serve as crowd control, separating attendees from the stage. Sporting events, weddings, government events and any other occasions where the public needs to be separated from the event can make use of temporary fencing.

The most popular type of temporary fencing for these events are metal-piping sectional fences. They’re lightweight, portable and provide a uniform look. The white-plastic picket fence is also a popular choice, especially for events like weddings, corporate parties or other upscale occasions. They’re more decorative and ornate and are ideal for formal settings.

Construction sites

One of the most common uses for temporary fencing is for designating off-limit areas of construction sites. Construction projects contain many potential hazards for the workers themselves, but the sites are even more dangerous for passersby. Temporary fencing provides a boundary to keep unauthorized people out of the site, and it’s simple to take down once the project’s done.

The most common temporary fence you’ll see on a construction site is the traditional bright orange, mesh net. It’s tied to metal prongs and usually designates the perimeter of the jobsite.

Pet fences

Need a temporary solution to keep your pets contained? You don’t need to invest in a permanent fence when a temporary fence will get the job done. A temporary fence is especially useful for keeping small puppies from running away. You can use one fence to form a square or circle, or you can connect several fences together to create a larger enclosure.

Pool installation

It’s a legal requirement to have pool fencing in place during a pool installation, whether anyone is currently residing at the property or not. If the pool cannot self-drain, there needs to be a fence to keep the area secured. Pool installers often invest in portable fencing solutions that are specially designed to keep the pool area off limits for those who shouldn’t have access.

Portable pools and spas

If you have a portable pool or spa at your home, you may need to secure it with a fence. Adding a fence around the perimeter of a blow-up pool or spa ensures the safety of you, your family and any guests.

Want to learn more about temporary fencing or crowd control barricade rental for your next event? Reach out to Ace Diversified Services today. We install a variety of temporary fencing solutions to keep your property secure—all at affordable prices.

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