A Brief History of Portable Restrooms

September 15, 2021

If you’re investigating portable restroom rental options for your next outdoor event, you may notice there are several different choices available, from the standard porta potty to the ultra-deluxe portable restroom trailer. Where did all these choices come from? You may be surprised to know that portable restrooms have come a long way in recent years, with some featuring all the bells and whistles you’d find in your preferred place to go at home. Read on as we shine some light in the darkness when it comes to the history of portable restrooms.

The early days

The portable restroom traces its origins back to ancient times. In fact, the earliest porta potties have been found in Egyptian tombs. While simple—it consisted of nothing but a wooden stool with a hole cut in it—it got the job done.

Ancient Greeks used their knack for innovation to create a better portable restroom known as the chamber pot. The device was essentially a small pot that can be taken and emptied when full. These pots were made of stone, tin and other common materials, and they were typically used during the night when people didn’t want to stray too far from their bedroom.

The porta potty

The standard porta potty—the trusty single stall with nothing but a toilet, a floor, a roof, walls and a door—was developed in the mid-20th century by a dock loading supervisor who wanted to boost the efficiency of his work crew. This early version of the porta potty consisted of wood panels, a metal storage tank and nothing more, but it gave dockhands a place to go. By keeping a portable toilet on ships, there was no need for workers to trudge back to shore when nature called.

Other industries saw the value of this invention and soon began making porta potties, first from fiberglass, then from plastic. The lightweight material allowed the units to be transported easily, which is ideal for temporary use like at special events.

The portable restroom trailer

In recent years, the portable restroom rental industry has changed completely with the introduction of restroom trailers. Trailers typically contain two or more separate restroom cabins that have built-in toilets and sinks. They usually have fresh running water, which means cleaning up after yourself is much more sanitary compared to standard porta potties. Many restroom trailers of today also feature lighting, heating and air conditioning. Overall, they offer a much more comfortable environment for the user.

People hosting special events like weddings, VIP/corporate gatherings and other occasions where comfort is of the utmost importance choose to rent portable restroom trailers—it’s a decision guests always appreciate.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event and need facilities to accommodate your guests when nature calls, reach out to your local portable restroom rental experts to select the right unit for your needs and your budget. The pros at Ace Diversified Services can help you choose the best model with all the extras that will ensure a comfortable experience for your guests. Call today to schedule a consultation!

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