What Is a Temporary Construction Fence?

July 7, 2021

You’ve likely driven or walked by a large construction project recently and noticed fencing blocking you from entering the job site. This type of temporary construction fencing can be used for short projects taking just a few days or long projects that take months to complete. These fences will surround the entire area, providing security and preventing unauthorized people from entering the construction site.

These fences are also movable and can be suited to each site’s unique needs. From barb wire to windscreens to concrete posts, there are many options to take advantage of. Read on to find out more about temporary fencing rentals.

Why use a portable fence?

For any construction site, it’s necessary to provide security. You want the area where construction will be taking place to be delineated with clear markers so people know not to enter the area. This is a liability issue, as someone who wanders in could be injured. Construction often takes place in populated areas that include high foot traffic, so you need to provide safety and security measures.

What are the different kinds of construction fences?

There’s a wide range of temporary fencing rental options. Let’s go over the most common types:

  • Temporary fence panels: These are commonly used on concrete and pavement. These moveable panels will not damage the pavement. The panels are typically on galvanized metal stands and include figure eight clamps to keep the panels tightly bound together. These temporary fences are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for short-term projects.
  • Driven temporary fences: A driven temporary fence is a sturdier, more secure option in which the fence posts are driven into the ground. A temporary chain-link fence will be driven in utilizing a hydraulic post driver. This offers a high level of security for the duration of a longer-term project. If you need additional protection, coil wire and top rail can be added to the fence. Some job sites will also add a windscreen with the company’s logo, which will require thicker posts to withstand the added weight load.
  • Permanent temporary fence: A fencing system using concrete footings as well as specific pipe dimensions is often a feature on government or military properties. These fences also come with barbed wire and provide a very high level of security.

What options are available for security?

Windscreens are often added to fencing to prevent the spread of dust and debris while also boosting protection. You may opt for privacy slats instead of windscreens depending on your needs. Barbed wire can be added to the top of the fence as well to provide high security, as can strong fence ties.

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