Post-Driven Fence vs. Panel Fence with Stands

July 21, 2021

If you’re considering temporary fencing options, you may have questions about which kind is best for your job site. You want to provide the right level of security and access to the site depending on the length and scope of the project.

Having experts in the field on your side will ensure you’re able to stay under budget while keeping the site protected. Let’s go over one of the leading questions you’ll need to address: whether you want to use a post-driven fence or a panel fence with stands. Both have their advantages and drawbacks depending on how they’re used.

Post-driven chain-link fences

These fences have posts that are driven roughly two feet into the ground. These fences are more of a permanent fixture at the job or event site. Once they’re installed, you won’t be able to easily move them or modify their position. This is a better choice if you want a high level of security and plan on being on the site for a longer period of time.

Post-driven fences will require a gate to be installed so you can enter and exit the property. In comparison, an advantage of panel fencing is that a gate does not have to be installed. Instead, any panel can be used as a gate.

Panel fence with stands

For shorter-term projects or ones that will require moving from one part of a site to another, panel fencing is likely to be a better choice. The panels stand on top of the ground, and no part of the fence is underground. Panel fencing is easy to move and easy to install. You’ll be able to reconfigure the fencing at any point during the project. Also, it’s easy to interlock these fencing panels when stacking them.

It’s worth noting that post-driven chain-link fences do not need to have sandbags, whereas panel fencing usually requires them. It’s best to keep at least one sandbag on every other stand. For those using windscreens on the panels, it’s recommended to use at least two sandbags on each stand.

Options for temporary fencing

No matter whether you choose a post-driven fence or panel fencing, you’ll have other considerations you’ll need to take into account. For example, you may want to include a windscreen to protect the job site from dust and debris and to advertise your firm. You’ll also need to determine the fence’s height and how much ground will need to be covered. Other choices include whether to get barbed wire or other additional security measures.

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