Reducing Bad Smells in Your Portable Restroom Trailer

June 22, 2021

Foul odors are often a concern when it comes to renting a portable restroom trailer. However, it’s easy to reduce these smells and prevent them from escaping the trailer. Ensuring there’s a little water in the toilet at all times is usually the best way to keep odors from escaping your portable restroom’s tank. You should also keep your toilet clean and add chemicals when necessary. Read on for more great ways to reduce bad odors in your portable restroom trailer rental.

Add the right chemicals

As mentioned above, it’s important to add certain chemicals to your portable restroom toilet from time to time. The chemicals you use will greatly depend on the type of portable restroom unit you’ve rented. That’s why it’s important to always consult with your rental provider.

Many portable toilets use a blue liquid comprised of biocides, dye, fragrance and detergents. This blue liquid helps neutralize certain molecules that cause foul odors.

It’s also a good idea to provide air freshener options in your portable restroom trailer. A top-quality fragrance spray could help greatly reduce bad smells and have your toilet smelling fresh after each use. Be sure to do plenty of research on any fragrance product you’re considering.

Clean the toilet

It’s essential to keep the seal at the bottom of your toilet clean. A buildup of certain materials could cause major damage to your toilet’s seal, thus allowing bad odors to escape from the tank. If you’ve noticed a buildup of materials or waste, use a toilet brush to clean it. Pouring some white vinegar into your toilet could also help keep it clean.

Don’t let the tank get full

Be sure to always empty your portable restroom’s tank before it gets too full. If you’re worried that it’s starting to get full, contact your portable restroom trailer rental company. They will have the right equipment to empty your restroom tank quickly and efficiently.

Always add water

You should add water to your toilet after every flush. This prevents your tank from drying out and thus producing foul odors. Dried-out tanks are also more prone to cracks and other forms of damage, which will result in a large mess if not repaired immediately.

As mentioned above, water also provides a seal to prevent odors from escaping the tank. Without water covering the bottom of your toilet, smells could easily come up from the tank. These smells will quickly fill your portable restroom trailer and likely escape outside.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your portable restroom trailer from filling the air with terrible smells. Be sure you’re using the right chemicals and emptying the tank when necessary. If you’re looking for the best advice when it comes to reducing orders, consult your portable restroom rental service.

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