How to Set Up a Portable Restroom Trailer

June 8, 2021

Restroom trailers may be a much better option for your upcoming event than a standard porta potty unit. These portable restrooms are convenient and comfortable. They also offer a sense of privacy that you just don’t get with standard porta potties.

While restroom trailers are easy to transport, it’s important that you have a good location in mind before having one delivered. This usually means having electrical and water hookups nearby. You should also choose an area that’s level and allows room for a pumping truck. Read on for more ways to properly set up a portable restroom trailer rental.

Set up a water connection

Portable restroom trailers should have fresh water coming from their sinks and toilets. To achieve this, you’ll have to connect the trailer to the city water supply. Most portable restroom trailers feature an access door that reads “City Water Connection.” Simply attach a garden hose from the trailer’s connection point to an outside water supply.

The importance of an electrical connection

Portable restroom trailers usually require electricity. That means you’ll have to place your trailer somewhere power cables can easily reach. Make sure the electrical source you’re using is capable of providing all the power your portable restroom requires.

It’s usually best to have a professional electrician hook up the electricity for you. Working with electricity is never a good idea if you’re inexperienced. Partnering with a professional electrician will also help save time.

Find level ground

All rental services will recommend that you set up your portable restroom trailer on level ground. This will make it easy for a pumping truck to drain your portable restroom’s tank when necessary. Routine pumping of your restroom’s tank is important, as it helps prevent overfilling and foul odors.

Provide easy access for guests and employees

It’s important that your employees or guests don’t have a hard time finding the portable restroom trailer. Guests won’t want to be searching all over the place for a restroom. Keep the trailer within a short walking distance of your main event’s location or your job site. Make sure the trailer is in a place everyone can easily spot, so they don’t end up walking in the wrong direction.

You should also consider keeping the restroom trailer downwind from your event or job site. While a top-quality trailer won’t emit much odor, bad smells can sometimes escape. You don’t want guests or workers having to smell bathroom odors all day. Placing the restroom trailer downwind and a short distance away from the event will help prevent bad smells from deterring guests.

Setting up a portable restroom trailer is simple enough as long as you find the perfect location. Make sure it’s located on level ground and near a supply of fresh water. The restroom trailer should also have access to a power supply.

If you need help figuring out the perfect location for your portable restroom trailer, speak with a professional. The experts at Ace Diversified Services offer top-quality portable restroom trailer rentals and septic system maintenance services. Reach out to learn more!

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