Planning and Executing Special Events, Part Two: What We Do During and After Your Event

May 19, 2021

In part one of this article, we discussed everything we do before your special event to ensure a seamless delivery. This part covers what we do to make sure your planning and special event execution in Toledo, OH continues to go smoothly during and after the festivities.

Additional setup and troubleshooting

On the day of the event—if we haven’t already set up the night before—we’ll show up early to get your portable toilets installed and set up. It’s not at all unusual for us to be on-site before sunrise. Should you need additional setup or troubleshooting, we’ll be on hand to solve any problems. For example, sometimes weather conditions can disturb the toilets, or event planners suddenly find out they’re expecting an additional thousand guests. Other vendors might struggle with their setup and need the portable restrooms moved to another location. Whatever your porta potty emergency may be, we’ll be able to handle it!

Staying available for support

Our job doesn’t end just because we’ve dropped off the toilets. Throughout the course of your event, we’ll stay on hand to address any emergencies. Your event coordinator will be able to get in touch with us directly. Whether a restroom tips over, someone steals all the toilet paper or other problems arise, we’re happy to help straighten it out.

Multi-day maintenance

If your event spans multiple days, those restrooms will need service—especially if you’re serving food and alcohol. Before the event, we’ll set up a service schedule with you. This guarantees clean restrooms as long as you need them. If you find that the restrooms need extra attention, we can send a crew to service the toilets ahead of schedule and even make schedule adjustments to ensure the rest of your event runs smoothly.

Keep in mind that servicing portable toilets requires the event site to be relatively clear. We’ll need to show up early, before it starts, or after the day ends. Make sure to adjust your security schedule accordingly.

Cleanup and removal

Finally, after the event is over, we’ll clean the units and remove them from the job site. Typically, this is done the night after the event ends or early the next morning—we’ll work out the details when you schedule your portable toilet rental. However, if plans change, let us know as quickly as possible so we can make adjustments.

We’ll also go over the event with you to find out what went well, and what could be improved. Were there long lines? Were customers able to easily find the restrooms? Does this event repeat next year, and are you expecting higher attendance? These questions can help us improve our service, and will help us serve you better the next time we work together.

As you can see, a lot goes into planning and executing special events in Toledo, OH—even for the portable toilet vendors! To get the best portable restroom rentals in the area, call Ace Diversified Services and start planning today.

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