Planning and Executing Special Events, Part One: What We Do Before the Event

May 5, 2021

Planning and executing special events in Toledo, OH takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. As a sanitation company, our job is not only to provide, maintain and remove portable toilets, but to work with event planners and other vendors to ensure your event goes smoothly. If you’re getting ready to hire a portable sanitation company for your next party, festival or fair, read on to find out how we guarantee an easy experience.

Exchanging information

As you know, the key to a successful event is planning ahead. Even though we’re only responsible for the porta potties or restroom trailers, we still do a significant amount of planning ourselves. For example, the first time you call us, we’ll try to nail down how many portable toilets you need, whether you need any special accommodations and what kind of event is taking place. Even if you think you know how many toilets to get, we may suggest adjustments based on our past experience with other events.

We’ll also ask you questions about the site, such as whether there’s security, if streets will be closed during the event and who we can contact before and during the event. We’ll need to know what time to set up, whether we can do so the day prior and if there are maps available.

Visiting the site

After the major details are worked out, we’ll want to come visit the site ahead of time. Even if you have a map of the location, there’s nothing like visiting the actual event site. It’ll give us the opportunity to see how and where everything is set up, what might obstruct our delivery and whether the location is suitable to support porta potties.

Delivering toilets

Once you’ve told us when to deliver your portable restrooms, you won’t have to think about it until the day they’re delivered—but we’ll be working behind the scenes to guarantee your delivery is on time. That often means adjusting our delivery schedules, preparing the toilets and loading trucks so they’re ready to go. We also gather all of our supplies like dollies, cleaning tools, straps and trailer connections. This ensures that our delivery is as easy as possible, and any issues can be handled on the spot.

After the toilets and setup accessories are prepared, we’ll deliver everything to the event site at the pre-determined time. It’s always a good idea to set these up the day or evening prior. That way, if there’s an issue with setup, we’ll still have plenty of time to handle it.

Of course, our job doesn’t end there. Part two of this article will cover what we do during and after your special event. We pride ourselves on providing great service throughout the entire event, so you can direct your attention to other important matters.

When you’re planning and executing a special event in Toledo, OH, call Ace Diversified Services right away to arrange porta potty rentals. We look forward to working with you to make your event a success!

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