Should a Porta Potty Be Staked Down?

April 6, 2021

While today’s porta potties are more durable than those from the past, they’re not impervious to windy weather or rowdy teenagers. Because porta potties are at risk of tipping over in certain conditions or when pranksters get cheeky, we always say “yes” when customers ask whether a porta potty should be staked down in Toledo, OH.

But just because porta potties need stakes doesn’t mean you should be the one staking them into the ground. Instead, let your professional porta potty rental company handle it for you. They’ll ensure the task is completed correctly and that your units will be at a lower risk of tipping over.

Other ways to prevent tip-overs

Staking your porta potties alone doesn’t guarantee they’ll stay upright throughout your rental period. Here are a few other things you can do to prevent those nasty tip-overs:

  • Find a suitable spot: Even if the unit is staked down, placing a porta potty on uneven terrain can quickly result in a tip-over. Your rental company can help you choose the best spot for your units that will be both convenient for your guests and safe from tipping over.
  • Make a row: As long as it’s staked down and on level terrain, a single porta potty should be out of harm’s way in terms of tip-overs. However, you can help further reduce the risk of a tip-over by arranging your porta potties in a row. After all, it’s nearly impossible to knock over an entire row of portable toilets!
  • Block the wind: A strong gust of wind is a major foe of portable toilets. The best way to protect your units from the wind is to place them near a sturdy wall or structure that can help block strong gusts. If that’s not possible, a large tree can also help.
  • Protect them from vandals: Besides the wind, rowdy teenagers are the other main cause of tipped-over porta potties. If you’re renting units for a long-term construction project, be sure to place them in a well-lit area that’s monitored by a security camera. This can help reduce the risk of vandals trying to tip over your units.

What happens if a porta potty tips over?

Even if you take all of the precautions above when it comes to whether a porta potty should be staked down in Toledo, OH, there’s no guarantee that your units won’t tip over. If that happens, don’t try to set the rental upright or clean up any spillage by yourself. Just call the rental company right away!

Your rental company will send out a crew to address the mess and set you up with some new units. The tipped-over porta potties may be compromised and unusable after they’ve hit the ground.

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