What Is That Blue Liquid in a Porta Potty Anyway?

March 18, 2021

If you’ve ever been brave (or just curious) enough to look inside a portable toilet, you may have noticed a mysterious blue liquid in the tank. Luckily, it’s much less daunting to find out what it is. Read on to learn more about the blue liquid that can be found in a portable restroom rental in Toledo, OH.

Purpose of the blue liquid

Unlike a traditional toilet connected to plumbing, a portable toilet does not use water to flush waste away. Instead, waste sits in the tank until it’s cleaned out, which can obviously result in pretty unpleasant odors. In order to make the experience of using a portable restroom more tolerable, the tank is filled with the strong disinfectant and deodorizer that we know as the blue liquid. Believe it or not, portable toilets can actually smell much, much worse without it.

History of the blue liquid

Historically, formaldehyde was used as a deodorizer. Its effectiveness in odor reduction was limited, and it was later discovered to be detrimental to both human health and the environment. Formaldehyde can irritate human airways and has even been suspected to cause throat cancer. Exposure to formaldehyde can also cause illness in animals, altering their physiology and even significantly shortening their lifespans.

What the blue liquid actually is nowadays

Fortunately, more biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives are now commonplace. They typically consist of enzymes and microbes, or biocides, that consume odor-causing bacteria. Biological additives can also accelerate the decomposition of organic waste so the tank has greater capacity and can be emptied less frequently. Not only are these modern portable toilet deodorizers safer and more effective than their predecessors, but they tend to be much cheaper, too.

Is the blue liquid toxic?

Deodorizers get diluted before they’re placed in portable toilets, so they are not toxic in their unused form. However, they do contain powerful biocides, which could make undiluted deodorizer toxic. Portable restroom operators should always use caution in handling deodorizers, which can have varying toxicity levels depending on the type, so it’s best to consult relevant safety data sheets for any specific measures to take.

But why is it blue?

The blue dye that’s added to portable toilet deodorizer actually serves more of a functional purpose than you might think. The color is primarily used to hide the appearance of waste. If the tank isn’t full, most of its contents should not be visible to the user. Additionally, too much waste will change the color of the liquid to green, which is another visual indication that the tank should be emptied.

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