How Often Do Porta Potties Need to Be Cleaned?

December 23, 2020

If you’re renting porta potties for just a day or two, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. On the other hand, construction site managers in Toledo, OH may have to keep portable toilets available for months and are required by law to establish a consistent cleaning schedule. How often porta potties need to be cleaned depends on the number of employees using them and whether the toilets endure extreme weather conditions.

Once per week as a general rule

On average, construction site managers should ask their rental company to clean the porta potties once a week. The frequency of your cleaning schedule will occur more or less often than once a week depending on the ratio of units to workers. State laws require a construction site to have one portable toilet per 10 workers, two for 20 workers and so on. Sites that maintain a proper ratio should anticipate a weekly cleaning.

Construction sites aren’t the only places that require porta potties year round. Public outdoor spaces like parks and camping grounds need toilets, and their cleaning schedules will vary. If a porta potty is barely used, getting it cleaned once a week would be excessive. Managers should consult their local sanitation specialists in Toledo, OH for expert advice on how often porta potties need to be cleaned.

Every few days with heavy use

Site managers will have to schedule a cleaning more frequently than once a week if their employees are reporting smelly and unsanitary portable toilets. Unlike traditional restrooms, porta potties have a limited capacity and can only be used a certain number of times before the disinfecting chemicals begin to lose their effectiveness.

The reason why some site managers need their portable toilets cleaned every few days is because there aren’t enough units to accommodate the number of workers. Porta potties that are used more often than they should be can’t get by with a weekly cleaning. Consider renting more units if your current ones are experiencing heavy traffic.

Right before extreme weather hits

Sanitation workers do more than empty and disinfect portable toilets. They make sure every single unit is functioning properly in the midst of extreme weather conditions. For instance, local sanitation experts will prepare units for Toledo, OH winters by adding antifreeze to the holding tanks. This prevents disinfecting chemicals from freezing and lets them continue to neutralize bacteria in raw sewage.

Extreme winter temperatures don’t affect how often porta potties need to be cleaned. However, winter brings with it some extra steps like adding antifreeze and salting the floor so patrons don’t slip on ice. Your local rental company will advise you on when these additional services will become necessary.

Don’t let porta potty maintenance fall by the wayside. Construction workers and patrons need clean, reliable units when they’re far from traditional indoor restrooms. Send your questions about cleaning schedules to the team at Ace Diversified Services for advice to meet your unique needs. Our sanitation specialists would love to help you out!

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