How Many Portable Toilets Should I Rent?

December 9, 2020

Calculating a porta potty rental sounds easy, but more factors get involved than what people think. Besides the number of guests, you’ll also have to consider the event’s length and whether or not vendors will be serving alcohol. Event planners who need assistance calculating how many porta potties they’ll need should reach out to a sanitation specialist in Toledo, OH.

Rent one unit per 100 guests

How many porta potties you will need varies depending on several factors. However, a good place to start is by calculating a rough estimate. If you’re expecting hundreds of people to attend, the event will require one portable toilet for every 100 guests. To determine how many portable toilets you’ll need, divide the number of expected guests by 100.

Remember that using this method only gives you a rough estimate. Event planners should consult a sanitation specialist in Toledo, OH to make sure they’re renting the appropriate number of porta potties. Sanitation specialists will help you save money by not ordering too many units but also ensure guests won’t have to deal with long lines.

Longer events need more toilets

Some events, like birthday parties, only last a few hours. But if you’re hosting an all-day event, like a music festival, guests will likely be taking more than one trip to the loo while they’re in attendance. While calculating how many porta potties you’ll need, take into account the length of your event so the units don’t run out of capacity.

Event planners who don’t know the exact number of attendees should plan for the largest group possible. It’s better to have a couple extra porta potties than to not have enough. One unit can only be used 250 times before it has to get shut down and cleaned by a sanitation worker. No one enjoys using a dirty toilet, so make sure you’re renting enough units!

Will alcohol be served?

Another factor that determines your rental count is alcohol. The consumption of alcoholic beverages makes people use the restroom more frequently, so this will increase the number of porta potties needed at your event. Alcohol isn’t something you can easily add to your calculation, which is why event planners should hire sanitation specialists in Toledo, OH to give them a proper estimate.

Use a portable restroom calculator

Many sanitation specialists offer a portable restroom calculator free of charge. All you have to do is plug in the number of attendees and the length of your event, and indicate whether or not alcohol will be served. This calculator will automatically generate the appropriate number of porta potties to rent. As stated before, you should always double check with a sanitation specialist before committing to a specific number of portable toilets.

Event planners shouldn’t finalize a decision on their own. They need the team of sanitation specialists from Ace Diversified Services to make sure they don’t overpay or run out of portable toilet capacity. Check out our porta potty rentals to see why we’re the number one choice for every type of event.

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