How Are Porta Potties Serviced? Here’s What You Should Know

November 15, 2020

If you’re going to have portable restrooms at your event or job site for an extended period of time, you’ll also need to get yourself on a service plan with the company that provided your portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH. This ensures safe, sanitary conditions inside the porta potties at all times, and a better overall experience for anyone who will be using them.

In general, you should expect to have a porta potty serviced once a week, or after approximately 80 to 100 uses. But if your event is expected to be very large, you might need to service your portable toilets every day (or night). You should thoroughly discuss your circumstances and needs with your provider to make sure you get a proper level of service throughout the time the portable restroom will be installed at your site.

What exactly is involved with porta potty service? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from servicing when working with a company for portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH:

  • Pre-delivery: Even before the porta potties get delivered to your site, they go through a rigorous cleaning and inspection to make sure their condition is satisfactory. The purpose is to give you a “clean slate” with which you can work, and a baseline of expected quality as you go through additional service throughout your time having the portable restrooms on your property.
  • Waste evacuation: When servicing portable toilets that are already on a site, the first step is to completely remove the waste from the holding tank. This process involves putting a small vacuum-like hose into the opening of the toilet to pump out all the waste, which gets transported away in a sanitation truck to a wastewater treatment facility.
  • Charging the unit: After the waste has been removed, it’s time for the technicians to charge the unit. This involves adding multiple gallons of a solution (usually a blue color) that controls odor and disinfects the facilities. The additive can also be used to measure usage—when there is a greenish tint to the solution, it’s time for more service.
  • Scrubbing: Once the process of charging the unit is complete, it’s time to engage in thorough cleaning of the walls of the unit. Special attention must be paid to all points of contact. Scrubbing eliminates the germs and bacteria that have built up inside the unit, helps to eliminate odors and makes for a clean, sanitary facility for use for another week (or day).
  • Restocking: The last step is to restock essential supplies, including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels as applicable. Technicians will give you at least several toilet paper rolls during each service period, and potentially more depending on the level of usage you expect.

Want to know more about how we service our porta potties and keep them clean and sanitary for use? We encourage you to contact Ace Diversified Services for more information about portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH and our service standards.

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