Can I Place a Portable Toilet Under a Tent? How to Find the Right Location

November 1, 2020

As you’re setting up an outdoor event and arranging for portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH, you’ll need to consider the placement of your portable toilet. One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is whether or not they can set up the portable toilet under a large tent they’ve set up for the event. This question makes sense, as tents are big gathering places, and it’s understandable to want to have restroom options nearby.

But really, the answer depends on the kind of tent you’re talking about. If it’s a tent that has a center pole with ventilation through the canvas, it’s probably okay to place a portable toilet there. But if the style of tent would potentially trap the fumes resulting from use of the porta potty, then you’re going to want to place the porta potty outside. This includes tents that don’t have vented holes in the ceiling, or that have sidewalls.

Where should I place porta potties?

The question then becomes: where should you place porta potties if under the tent isn’t an option?

Here are a few things to consider about porta potty placement for your upcoming event in Toledo, OH:

  • Access: You’ll need to pay attention to the flow of the crowd at your event to make sure placement of porta potties does not prevent potential access of emergency vehicles if they need to come out to the premises for any reason during the event. The porta potties also need to be accessible to maintenance trucks that come in for pickup, drop-off and maintenance.
  • Lines: Strategically placing porta potties in different areas of the event site can help cut down on the length of waiting lines, as they will be spread throughout different areas where people are likely to gather.
  • Food and drinks: It makes sense to have porta potties stationed relatively close to areas where food and drinks will be served, but far enough away where people will not smell them when they’re getting their refreshments.
  • Seating: It also makes sense to have porta potties stationed close to areas where people will be seated, but again, far enough away not to offend the senses of the people who are just trying to enjoy your event.
  • Wind: Do you expect a significant amount of wind? Make sure your porta potties are relatively sheltered so you can avoid the wind becoming an issue. Having them right next to structures or natural formations that can block the wind from at least one side will go a long way toward providing greater stability for your porta potties.

We strongly recommend having your porta potty provider give you some recommendations with regard to the placement of your porta potties—they will be able to provide some valuable insight based on the kind of event you have in mind.

For more information about portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH, we encourage you to contact the team at Ace Diversified Services today. We’d be glad to answer your questions!

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