An Overview of the Restroom Trailer Sizes We Offer

October 15, 2020

Ace Diversified Services has been a go-to source for porta potties and restroom trailers for clients across a wide range of industries since our founding in 1965. We work with numerous clients throughout the Toledo area and beyond to fulfill all of their portable and temporary restroom solutions, whether it’s for events, construction or job sites or other purposes.

One of our most popular service lines is our offering of restroom trailers for rent in Toledo, OH. These trailers look like standard trailers on the outside, but they feature luxury amenities on the inside—in fact, they’re the finest restroom facilities you’ll find outside of a building. They feature bathroom stalls, flushing toilets, sinks with hot and cold running water, electric lighting fixtures, vanities, mirrors and more. Some even have sound systems and fireplaces.

While you don’t need any extra equipment to run these trailer sizes, we do recommend you have a professional electrician work with you to get them hooked up to your electrical supply.

The sizes in which we offer these trailers are as follows.

Luxury eight-stall restroom trailer

This large restroom trailer option features one side for men and one for women. It is our deluxe option, and arrives fully stocked with everything you need. To get it connected, you’ll need a ½ inch city water supply via garden hose and two 110v/20amp power connections. We recommend having a licensed electrician hook it up for you.

The women’s suite features four stalls, two sinks and mirrors and a fireplace, and the men’s suite features two stalls, two urinals, a sink and a mirror. The entire trailer has a 680-gallon waste holding tank and an AM/FM radio with a CD player, and is air conditioned and heated with LED exterior lights and standard interior lighting. You have access to hot and cold fresh water from self-closing metered faucets.

Two-station selfie

This smaller trailer features one men’s suite with a toilet, sink and mirror and one women’s suite with a toilet, sink and mirror. It has a 200-gallon waste holding tank and a 103-gallon fresh water tank, is air conditioned and heated and has a wood grain pattern floor. There are mirrors, lights and paper towels, self-closing metered faucets and hot and cold fresh water.

A luxury version of the two-stall restroom trailer features an extra sink and mirror in the men’s suite and a larger waste holding tank.

There is a bit of variance in each of these options, but both will give you running water, air conditioning, heat, mirrors, lights, paper towels, corian counters, wood grain floors and so much more. You won’t find a better option to give your event guests or on-site workers a more comfortable portable restroom solution.

Interested in learning more about the options we have available for our portable restroom trailers, or the other kinds of products and services we provide to our clients from around the Toledo area? Contact Ace Diversified Services today and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information about your opportunities for restroom trailer rental in Toledo, OH.

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