Our Best Usage Tips for Portable Toilets

September 15, 2020

When you’re charged with planning an event of any size, you’ve undoubtedly got a lot on your plate. You have to get the menu in order. You have to invite the guests. You have to get the venue cleaned and decorated. With all those chores, you might overlook one of the most important aspects of any good party: the restrooms.

If you’re planning an event, it’s critical to ensure every one of your guests has access to a toilet whenever it’s required. That means getting a handful of portable toilets for your next event.

Once the toilets are on your site, however, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you’re handling them correctly. Here are some of our best usage tips for portable toilets in Toledo, OH.

Make sure they’re clean

You can bet that when you enlist the help of Ace Diversified Services, your porta potties will be clean when they arrive at your event. However, if you’re planning on keeping the portable toilets for an extended period, you will want to make sure they remain clean on a regular basis. Your guests or employees will insist on it. When your porta potties are dropped off, you can establish a routine for cleaning or replacing the portable toilets.

Get enough

It doesn’t do much good to get a portable toilet or two on-site if there is a constant line of people waiting to use them. Not having enough toilets is a massive inconvenience for attendees. It’s also a good way to watch a pristine portable toilet degrade in condition and fill up faster than expected.

That’s why it’s critical to discuss the number of guests you’re expecting with your porta potty rental agency. They can help you determine the number of units you should consider getting for your event.

Think about the physically disabled

You’d be hard pressed to plan any kind of event that doesn’t include at least one or two people who are physically challenged. Whether it’s one of your elderly relatives at a family reunion or a physically disabled fan visiting a music festival, be sure to consider their needs. Making sure you have accommodations for everyone is one of our best usage tips for portable toilets in Toledo, OH.

Take a step up in luxury

At almost every event you plan, you’re going to have some visitors who require a bit more pampering. For those people, there are restroom trailers, which provide an upscale experience for those people with more discerning tastes.

Trust in the experienced pros

If you want a complete list of the best usage tips for portable toilets in Toledo, OH, come to Ace Diversified Services. We have 55 years of experience providing top-notch portable toilets of all kinds. You don’t stick around that long without establishing a reputation for excellence.

Of course, our service goes beyond just our first-rate portable toilets. We can clean your grease trap, pump your septic tank and more. One call to Ace Diversified Services can solve it all. Contact us today!

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