Why Use Portable Sanitation?

August 15, 2020

You’ve gone to the bathroom and your bladder is empty, but how about your hands? Are they clean? If your portable toilet rental doesn’t have sanitation options like hand sanitizer or handwashing stations, you’ll be left feeling less than hygienic. When you book a portable toilet rental in Toledo, OH, make sure that you also get a portable handwashing sanitation station. It’s cleaner and healthier than leaving your guests to fend for themselves.

Here’s why it’s so important to book portable sanitation handwashing stations for your guests:

  • It’s healthier: As we all know from the past year, washing your hands thoroughly is the key to stopping the spread of germs and viruses. Make sure your guests or workers have plenty of opportunity to stay clean and healthy—no one wants to get sick during a fun event like a wedding or festival, let alone on their job site. Having toilets and handwashing stations also prevents people from heeding the call of nature in, well, nature, thereby leaving a nasty surprise for other guests to stumble upon later.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: It takes very little water to clean portable toilets and run handwashing stations, which makes them an environmentally-friendly way to keep everyone clean and happy. You can save your guests’ bladders and their hygiene when you rent toilets with handwashing stations. They use a lot less water than flushable toilets and running sinks, so your overall environmental footprint is significantly reduced during the course of your event.
  • Better for construction sites: Not only do you need to provide adequate restrooms to keep your workers happy and productive, but OSHA actually requires it. Don’t stop at toilets, though. Knowing what we know now about the spread of disease and illness, it’s important to have safe places to use the bathroom as well as wash your hands afterwards. Otherwise, those germs will spread all over your event or work site. That could risk putting your entire workforce out of commission for days or even weeks at a time.
  • Important for special and long-term events: Finally, portable sanitation—restrooms and handwashing stations included—is especially important for special events or long-term rentals. Make sure to talk to your rental company about how often you can expect the toilets to be serviced, and how often the soap and water will be replenished in your handwashing stations. Different events and locations will have different needs, so find out what is available and choose the company that can best serve the needs of your event.

Ensuring that everyone can use the bathroom in a safe and healthy way is the key to pulling off a successful event and complying with OSHA regulations. Don’t skimp on restrooms and handwashing stations—portable sanitation is a must, no matter what kind of event or job site you’re running.

Are you thinking about securing portable toilet rental for your next event or construction job in Toledo, OH? Let Ace Diversified Services help. We offer a variety of toilets and restroom trailers to meet your needs—call today!

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