Portable Toilet Brokers: Pros and Cons

May 15, 2020

Whether you’re a customer or a portable toilet business, working with third-party brokers has definite advantages and disadvantages. Brokers design their businesses around providing a variety of services to customers, so they don’t have to call multiple businesses for event rentals and setup. They do this by hiring subcontractors, like porta potty rental companies, and charging the customer a higher price. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of working with third-party rental services in Toledo, OH.

The pros of working with brokers

  • Streamline the process: The best part about working with brokers, for both customers and owners, is that the rental process is streamlined. Instead of calling multiple services for your event rentals, or owners spending money on marketing, everything goes through the broker. That can save a lot of time and money.
  • Owners charge higher rates: Since third-party brokers bank on providing convenience over savings, owners can charge higher rates for the service. (This is a drawback for customers, of course, but many people are happy to pay for convenience.)
  • Get access to more jobs: Owners can benefit from having access to more jobs, while customers save time on finding a reliable porta potty rental company to work with. They get the benefit of working with a trusted provider without having to do the legwork themselves.
  • Owners only deal with the brokers: Instead of working with individual customers and having to deal with billing and collections, owners only work with the brokers themselves. That means multiple jobs from one client, rather than 10 jobs for different clients. Instead of hunting down clients to collect on payments, owners can usually rely on a steady stream of income without the extra hassle.

The cons of working with brokers

  • Customers pay more: One downside to working with third-party rental companies in Toledo, OH is that the customer pays more for the convenience of working with just one company.
  • Owners don’t have control: Since the third-party company is handling the customers, billing and other issues, porta potty companies don’t have control over how their business is presented to others. That means your company could see its hard-earned reputation damaged by someone else’s actions. What’s more, the broker might not pay on time, either, which means you get the same amount of collections hassle as you would with direct rentals.
  • No opportunity for customer data: Here’s another drawback for owners: there’s no opportunity for customer data, so you won’t get the chance to try to encourage future customers to go directly to you. In fact, some contracts expressly prohibit this.

Third-party rental companies in Toledo, OH can be a time-saver, but you’ll need to do plenty of research before you sign on the dotted line. Keep these potential advantages and drawbacks in mind when you decide to rent from or to a broker.

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