Where Can You Place a Portable Restroom?

April 18, 2020

When planning an outdoor event or festival, determining where to place your portable restrooms or restroom trailers is an important part of event setup. Not only do you need to pick a convenient place that will be accessible to your guests, but you’ll need to find areas that will be suitable for placing those portable restrooms.

Portable restroom placement

Once you’ve determined how many portable restroom rentals you’ll need for your job or event site in Toledo, OH, you can decide where to place them. First, you should think about when and where visitors are most likely to need to use the restrooms. For example, if your event is serving food and alcohol, you should have restrooms available near—but not too near—the food and dining areas.

Consider placing some restrooms near entrances and exits, as well as within the site itself. For festivals and fairs, many sites place rows of restrooms near each major area (such as discrete stages or showcase areas). For large events, it’s important that your guests are never too far away from a restroom, but for weddings—which are usually on geographically smaller sites—you can have a central toilet area that is a reasonable distance from the main areas where guests congregate. No one wants to be confronted with bathroom noises, sights and smells while they’re eating, drinking and dancing.

The quality of the ground on the site matters, too. Your porta potties need to be placed on dry, level ground. If the area is known to be windy, sometimes rows of restrooms placed back to back can assist in providing additional stability.

Plan to leave at least 25 feet between the restrooms and any other objects or buildings, so the maintenance and delivery trucks have enough room to pick up, drop off and service the restrooms.

Restroom trailer placement

Restroom trailers have similar requirements to porta potties, but they only need a 12-foot height clearance and a 10-foot width clearance. In fact, they can even go inside large buildings as long as the truck and trailer can fit inside the door.

Because most restroom trailers come equipped with a water tank inside, they don’t need to be near a water hookup. Depending on the model you choose, you might need a power hookup. Some restroom trailers are powered by solar panels, but those that have air conditioning and heat often require a power source for the additional load. Standard household plugs work, but if none are readily available, a generator can provide the necessary power.

Portable restroom rental in Toledo, OH

For all your portable restroom needs, including luxury restroom trailers, look no further than Ace Diversified Services. We have over 50 years of experience in delivering clean, pleasant outdoor restrooms for events, festivals, fairs, construction sites and more. Still not sure where you can place porta potties on your event site? Call us today to get your questions answered, and reserve your portable restrooms. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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