Customers Who Demand Extra Services for Free

March 11, 2020

If you work in the portable restroom rental business in Toledo, OH or elsewhere, you know the strains of the industry. Concerns over cleanliness and reliability can be raised by customers and clients, and you know that you need to be able to think on your feet at any time in this industry.

Keeping customers is always your top priority, but you also want to make sure that you are supporting your employees and your business. It can be a delicate balance when you are trying to keep your business and people healthy and sustainable while also working with customers who can put considerable demands on your organization. Below, our experienced team has pulled together some tips for working with customers who expect you to go above and beyond agreements, but without additional compensation.

Customers don’t stick to agreed-upon terms

When customers make the decision to push you over terms that were agreed to long ago, the temptation can be to become angry and defensive. You feel a personal stake in your business and your people, after all, and it can be maddening to have to deal with this hurdle. However, when you work with portable restroom rentals in Toledo, OH, you quickly learn that there are more professional and effective ways to deal with this scenario. Your best bet is to keep things as cordial and business-like as you can—clients are far more likely to respond favorably to this approach.

How to address customers who don’t abide by contractual terms

In a nutshell, you want to keep things short and to the point—remind them that the contract’s terms were agreed to well before, that your service agreements with multiple vendors are dependent on a variety of factors and you can’t budge on any of them and that your employee routing systems are dependent on standing terms. If you state your case clearly and concisely and refuse to negotiate on terms where the client is being unreasonable, you should have success in working with them.

Of course, it’s up to you if you want to concede on any point, but keep in mind that becoming known as a vendor who can be pushed around can affect your standing in the portable restroom rental business in Toledo, OH, so tread carefully on that point.

How to address chronically unhappy customers

A problem related to demanding extra services for free is customers who always seem to be unhappy—they always think your units aren’t clean enough or that your rates aren’t low enough. It may wind up not being worth the headache to deal with people who are being unreasonable on a consistent basis, but it’s worth sitting down with them and trying to hash things out face to face. It always makes sense to try and retain an existing client.

Our team here at Ace Diversified Services has seen it all in the portable restroom business, so we know a thing or two about working with customers who need that little extra bit of attention. Keep things professional and cordial, and we are confident you’ll keep a happy suite of clients for years to come.

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