What You Need to Know About Septic Tank Cleaning

February 10, 2020

Using a septic system instead of a sewer has a number of advantages. There is one downside, though: the tank needs to be pumped and cleaned every few years. This post will teach you everything there is to know about septic tank cleaning in Toledo, OH.

Why is it important?

We don’t clean septic tanks because it’s fun—cleaning serves an important purpose! Here are the top reasons homeowners need to have their tanks cleaned:

  • Proper functionality: If a septic tank is too full of waste, all of the pipes and components of the system can stop working as they should. This will lead to a host of issues, including waste leaking out into the soil.
  • Avoid plumbing problems: No homeowner wants to deal with plumbing issues, especially if the problem stems from the septic system. Backups and clogs are just a couple of the issues you may deal with if your septic tank is too full.
  • Health and safety: As mentioned above, tanks that are too full may leak into the soil and possibly into the groundwater. Needless to say, this is a health concern for you and other homeowners in your area.

When is it time for cleaning?

Though it’s typically required every three to five years, each property is different when it comes to the timeline for septic tank cleaning in Toledo, OH. These are a few of the things that can affect the cleaning schedule:

  • Household size: It should go without saying that the more people you have living at your house, the faster your septic tank will fill up. Your septic professional can recommend a cleaning schedule based on the size of your family.
  • Tank size: The bigger your tank, the less frequently you’ll need to have it cleaned out. Again, a knowledgeable septic cleaner should be able to estimate how often you’ll need to have it cleaned based on its size.
  • Usage: The more use your septic tank gets from showers, washing machines and toilet flushing, the more often it’ll need to be pumped and cleaned. Talk to your family about conserving water to avoid overuse.

Who should clean your tank?

There are several companies in town who can clean your septic tank, but here are a few reasons why homeowners choose Ace Diversified Services when their septic tanks need cleaning:

  • Wide ranges of services: There’s no point in calling one company to clean your tank and another to make repairs or perform inspections. At Ace Diversified Services, we do everything from installation to repairs. We’re your one-stop shop for all of your septic needs!
  • Affordable rates: There’s no reason to overpay for septic cleaning. All of our septic services are affordable on any budget. Contact us today to get a quote for cleaning or any other septic system needs.

If it’s time for septic tank cleaning in Toledo, OH, then be sure to call our experts at Ace Diversified Services. We’ll send our professionals out to clean your tank and ensure it’s in good working order.

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