Five Common Uses for Temporary Fencing and Why They Work

January 13, 2020

When you need to keep people out (or in), nothing works quite so well as a fence. The problem is, we can’t just install fences everywhere—if we did, they’d become more of a hindrance than a convenience. The solution to temporary containment is simple: temporary fencing. It’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. In fact, walk around Toledo, OH for any amount of time and you’re sure to come across temporary fencing at work. Here are a few examples of where it’s most often used and why.

Construction and demolition

Temporary fencing is often the first thing establishing a construction site. The chain link goes up before the staking or excavation begins, as a way to make sure the general public is safe and the site remains undisturbed. Throughout the course of the project, temporary fencing becomes even more important. It protects high-value equipment from theft and ensures materials aren’t tampered with or stolen.

For demolition, the perks of temporary fencing are much the same. It’s best to keep people at a distance—especially on demolition day, when the building is set to come down!

Festival enclosure

Festivals are one of the best perks of the summer and fall seasons. Walking around to see the sights and hear the sounds of a special event is a great way to experience the community. But without clear borders, festivals and special events can become haphazard. Especially for ticketed events, there need to be clear entry and exit points. Temporary fencing is the solution. The fencing becomes the outermost part of the festival, serving as a guide to prevent just anyone from wandering in or paying attendees from accidentally leaving.

Vehicles and parking

There’s not always a well-striped parking lot available. When it comes to creating makeshift parking, temporary fences are important. Crime isn’t necessarily high in Toledo, OH, but it’s still better to have a fence around a lot of vehicles than leave them open to thieves and vandals! Plus, temporary chain link is high enough and strong enough to be a clear impediment—cars won’t accidentally drive over it or through it!

Pedestrian protection

Roadwork often necessitates changes in traffic patterns. While this is clearly marked for cars on the road, pedestrians aren’t always sure of where traffic is coming from or where they might be unsafe. A temporary fence placed between a walkway and a new traffic area can be all it takes to keep people safe. It’s something you’ll see throughout the city, anywhere there’s roadwork going on.

Trash quarantine

Dumpsters, trash cleanup areas and debris collection areas all need containment—both to keep the trash in and to keep people out. You’ll find temporary fencing holding the line anywhere there’s large amounts of refuse, including remodeling sites, festivals, construction areas, public access grounds and more.

Temporary fencing may be a simple concept, but its utility is unmatched. These are just some of the most-used applications for temporary fencing—its practicality goes far beyond! Reach out to Ace Diversified Services to learn more.

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