Portable Sink Rental Options

December 10, 2019

Whether you’re planning a multi-day festival, coordinating work on a construction site or preparing for a big event, you need to think about porta potty rental to accommodate everyone at your worksite or venue. Along with porta potty rental, it’s also important to think about having portable sinks to ensure your guests have access to easy hand-cleaning options. There are several different portable sink rental options in Toledo, OH to choose from, with a variety of different features and functionalities:

  • Two-station hand-wash sink: A two-station hand-wash sink is a standard option that is operated using a foot pedal that pumps water up through the sink faucets. These stations feature a basin for the water, along with soap and paper towel dispensers. While these portable sinks don’t typically offer heated water or automatic water dispensation, they offer a reliable hand-washing option for a variety of events and occasions.
  • Two-station heated sink: Heated sinks are similar to standard hand-wash sinks, but they have an electrically-powered heating feature. These sinks are operated with foot pedals, like standard hand-wash sinks, and they can be used up to 350 times before the water tank has to be refilled. Because these sinks use electricity to heat water, they must be hooked up to a reliable source of electrical power for operation.
  • Sani sink: Sani sinks offer automatic water dispensation without the need for a foot pedal to pump water through the faucet. These sinks have electrically-powered water heating features with convenient soap and towel dispensers. Sani sinks are easier to use than standard two-station hand-wash sinks, but they only have one hand-washing station, so they are best for smaller events with fewer attendees.
  • Sani station: Hand sanitizer is effective at killing germs, and it’s a great option for quick sanitation at fast-paced events. Sani stands contain several different hand sanitizer cartridges that can be used by multiple people at once. Sani stands can be used at events in addition to hand-washing stations, giving guests the convenience to choose their preferred sanitation method.

After you’ve decided which type of portable sink rental in Toledo, OH is right for you, reach out to a rental provider to coordinate delivery of all of your equipment. In addition to porta potties and portable sinks, you’ll also need other accessories like trash containers for paper towels. A reputable rental provider will guide you through your options to ensure you have everything you need for your event or worksite.

Portable sink rental in Toledo, OH

Find out more about all of your options for portable sink rental in Toledo, OH by reaching out to Ace Diversified Services. We have been proud to offer quality porta potty rental services to our customers for decades, and we are here to make sure you have everything you need for a successful, safe and sanitary venue or worksite. Our team will provide you with a consultation, rental recommendations and a quote to ensure you get everything you need for your event. Call us today to get started.

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