How Ace Diversified Services Helped at the 2019 Adams Street Zombie Crawl

November 6, 2019

On October 19, 2019, zombies invaded Toledo, OH for the area’s biggest Halloween party, and Ace Diversified Services was on hand to provide portable restrooms and temporary fencing. When you’re planning an event that will draw a lot of people, having an abundance of clean restrooms, temporary fencing and crowd control barricades is key.

The Adams Street Zombie Crawl was a great time for everyone involved, in part because the event organizers had planned for a large and thirsty crowd. The Zombie Crawl is designed as a Halloween pub crawl over a nine-block expanse of Uptown Toledo, and drew thousands of undead drinkers for a night of revelry and spookiness. Six bars and live bands participated in the crawl, along with numerous food trucks. Over the years, the crawl has attracted up to 20,000 people in any given year.

Portable restroom services

Of course, when you have large numbers of people drinking, inhibitions are lowered and bladders fill up fast. We provided over 150 portable restroom rentals in Toledo, OH to help make sure the streets stayed clean and the undead were happy. Our business is able to stock your work or event site with sanitary porta potties as well as luxury restroom trailers. While some people are wary of portable restrooms, we have strict standards of cleanliness at Ace Diversified Services. Our goal is to ensure that you have a safe, clean and odor-free restroom experience.

Crowd control barricades and temporary fencing

At any festival or outdoor event, making sure only ticketed attendees get in or out is crucial for safety. While the event organizers joked that it was to keep the zombies quarantined, it was also to shepherd people through metal detectors and bag checks. Fencing off nine blocks is no small feat, but with our crowd control barricades and temporary fencing in Toledo, OH, we were able to help keep the thousands of attendees safe and happy.

Our temporary fencing services are designed to seamlessly fit into your construction or event site. They’re safe, durable and easy for one person to handle by themselves, and designed to prevent entanglement or hang-ups. Our crowd control barricades are lightweight and compact, making them a great choice to fence off walkways, smoking areas and more.

We don’t just serve the undead, either—we’re happy to work with event planners and construction site managers to bring you safe, affordable and strong fencing, regardless of the type of event you’re planning.

Portable restrooms and temporary fencing services in Toledo, OH

Ace Diversified Services is happy to help your large event go off without a hitch. We are proud to provide portable restrooms, temporary fencing and crowd control barricades to the Toledo, OH area. Our military level of cleanliness, a large inventory of porta-potties and other temporary restroom facilities, as well as over 50 years in the sanitation, septic maintenance and waste removal industries, make us Toledo’s top choice for supporting large events. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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