Five Reasons to Have Portable Sink Rentals at Toledo, OH Events

October 25, 2019

Big events require a lot of planning and organizing. There’s creating the invitations or flyers for the event, reserving a space, booking chairs and tables and hiring the entertainment, and you mustn’t overlook other important essential amenities—like restroom accommodations and portable sinks.

Here are five good reasons why you need to reserve portable sink rentals for your next Toledo, OH event:

  • Prevent the spread of germs and disease: If you’re hosting a big event, it stands to reason that there will be at least a few sick people in attendance. The sanitary thing to do would be to cover coughs and sneezes, but sadly, this is not a practice everyone believes in. As such, a large crowd is the perfect environment for diseases to spread through the air and through skin-to-skin contact. Place portable sinks near porta potties and food vendors to encourage guests to wash their hands.
  • It’s the law: While maintaining cleanliness at outdoor events may seem futile, event organizers need to know that it’s not merely a preference—it’s enforceable by law. Every single public event is required to provide a certain number of portable toilets based on crowd size, as well as hand washing facilities to promote good hygiene. Because the rules will vary depending on where you live, check with your county about local laws to ensure your gathering meets specific requirements.
  • Keep your guests happy: Whether you’re hosting a free or paid event, do whatever is necessary to keep guests happy—and cleanliness is happiness for most people. You invited them out, so you need to provide adequate restroom accommodations, including toilets and had washing stations (preferably with soap and paper towels).
  • Wash up before eating: Growing up, you were told to wash your hands thoroughly before sitting down at the dinner table, as well as after you were finished eating. Fast forward to now and it’s still an important rule. The majority of food options at events come from food vendors, but some are sit-down situations. Either way, if food will be available at your event, then guests will need a place to wash their hands. Knowing that germs are not on their hands will help them enjoy the food more. Some guests may not even feel comfortable eating food at your event if they don’t have soap to wash up before and afterwards.
  • Soap and water are effective: Hand sanitizer is great for practicing good hygiene, but it’s not as effective as regular hand washing. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that hand sanitizers don’t eliminate all germs, and they are not effective on extremely dirty or greasy skin. The absolute best way to get clean hands is by using soap and water.

If you are looking for more information about portable sink rentals in Toledo, OH or want to reserve yours today, look no further than the inventory at Ace Diversified Services. Call our experts anytime to learn about your options and place an order!

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