Avoid Septic System Repair in Toledo, OH by Watching for These Problems

October 11, 2019

Your home is hooked up to one of two types of systems: a shared main city sewer line or a private septic system. If you’re on a septic system, the last thing you want is to worry all the time about the expense associated with repairs and parts replacement. Many of the signs of impending septic tank problems are there, which means you can watch out for them and hopefully avoid costly septic system repair in Toledo, OH. Let’s take a look at the most common septic issues and repairs.

Top three septic system repairs

While all types of septic systems will require occasional repairs, regular tank pumping and preventative maintenance can minimize the potential for major malfunctions down the road. Below, we’ll break down three of the most common types of septic system repairs:

  • Emergency tank pumping: Septic tank pumping removes the solid sludge that builds along the bottom of the tank as the waste is filtered from the water before entering the drain field. But even the most well-maintained septic tank can experience an emergency situation. For example, the sludge can reach maximum capacity in the tank and block the lines. Get it pumped immediately to keep sewage from backing up into your house.
  • Replacing broken baffles: Inside the septic tank are baffles. These parts are designed to prevent solid waste from escaping the tank and entering the drain field. If they are damaged in any way, you’ll need to hire a pro to replace them.
  • Replacing drain field pipes: Tree root growth, shifting ground and construction above or near the tank can damage the water pipes leading from the tank to the drain field. Pipe problems will cause drainage issues, as well as require excavation to repair broken sections.

Four common septic tank problems

Septic tank malfunctions can be stinky, messy and costly. On the bright side, prevention and quick action can keep septic problems from happening or getting worse. If you’re a homeowner with a septic system on your property, then knowing what to look for is imperative. The following is a list of the four most common septic tank problems.

  • Tree root damage: Invasive root systems from trees and bushes are known to grow through septic tank walls and piping. If this happens, groundwater can get into the tank and sewage inside the tank can leak out.
  • Heavy vehicle damage: Driving vehicles or large farm equipment over your septic tank and drain field, even just one time, can cause serious damage to many parts of the system.
  • Lack of care and maintenance: Regular maintenance is a must—otherwise, you risk causing serious septic system damage. Have a septic company inspect and empty your septic tank annually.
  • Old age: Although some older septic tanks work well, they look different—and may function differently—than modern-day tanks. Also, because drain fields are not guaranteed to last forever, they may start acting up in time.

It’s important to hire an expert for septic system repair in Toledo, OH before the situation gets worse. Call the team at Ace Diversified Services today to schedule an appointment.

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