Why a Restroom Trailer Rental in Toledo, OH Is Perfect for Your Wedding or Large Event

September 12, 2019

Porta potties have a bad reputation for being less-than-ideal places to answer nature’s call, especially in the summer—but when you have an outdoor event, concert, festival or wedding, and want to provide special facilities for your important guests, look into a restroom trailer. Restroom trailer rentals in Toledo, OH are a great way to provide comfort, safety and style so you and your guests can focus on the fun.

Benefits of restroom trailers for weddings and large events

With the rise of outdoor, backyard and rustic weddings comes a big need for bathroom facilities. You might have dreamed of your wedding day, but thinking about where your guests will do their business was probably not high on your list (if you thought about it at all). Even if you’re having a backyard wedding, having to wait for one of the two bathrooms (assuming you’re lucky) in the house could mean your guests are queueing up to relieve themselves instead of joining the fun. The same goes for any outdoor event or festival—no one wants to be waiting for their chance in the bathroom when the rest of the guests are enjoying the next band.

Restroom trailers offer a clean and luxurious experience for your guests. In addition to providing upgraded restroom facilities, they also offer a place for a bridal party or performers to change. That’s because the trailers are spacious and hooked up to water and power, with mirrors and vanities, so there’s great lighting. Plus, if your event is on the more elegant side, you can add personal touches like flowers and rugs to keep the theme going.

There are also varied layouts—you can rent anything from a 10-stall restroom to smaller individual trailers with two separate entrances. Depending on your event, you might want to get more spacious restrooms for your VIPs and disabled guests, while directing other guests to the multi-stall areas.

Restroom trailer logistics

Restroom trailers are easy to set up and power—most take no more than a garden water spigot and a 20- to 30-amp power source—but you can also rent generators and water tanks if the location is more remote. That makes it easier than ever to make your event’s guests comfortable! Of course, the team at Ace Diversified Services will be right there to help you set up and take the trailers away afterward.

Schedule restroom trailer rental in Toledo, OH

We can help you choose the right type of portable restroom for your event and ensure your guests have a convenient and seamless experience. For more information about restroom trailer rental in Toledo, OH, we encourage you to contact the experts at Ace Diversified Services today with any questions you have. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the sanitation and waste removal industries, making us the one to call. Give us a ring right now to learn more about all of our services and get a free estimate for your upcoming event!

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