Septic Tank Cleaning and Other Approaches to Caring for Your System

July 10, 2019

If your home isn’t connected to a municipal sewer system, you likely have a septic system on your property. Residential septic systems are relatively delicate systems that rely on the right mix of machinery, chemistry and bacteria to operate successfully.

Most septic systems require relatively regular cleaning and maintenance appointments to continue operating as intended. Additionally, it’s important for septic tank owners to exercise a number of routine maintenance tips to ensure that their septic systems continue to operate correctly.

When it comes time to maintain your septic tank, it’s important that you call for the services of a qualified professional. Failure to properly maintain your home’s septic tank could force you to replace your system, which might cost thousands of dollars. Investing in septic tank cleaning in Toledo, OH will ultimately save you money in the long-run.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the strain on your home’s septic system and keep it in prime working order, including the following:

  • Pump often: You should regularly pump your home’s septic tank. During the pumping process, a professional tank cleaner will visit your home and flush your tank of its waste. The frequency with which you’ll need to have your tank pumped will depend on how much water and waste you flush, so be sure to ask your technician about their recommended schedule, given your past use.
  • Invest in water jetting: When you hire a company to perform a septic tank cleaning, consider finding a service provider that also offers water jetting. This will help to break down any accumulated solids in the drain pipes, effectively extending the life of your septic system.
  • Dump bacteria: Purchase pre-formulated pro-biotic bacteria fluids or capsules to flush into your septic system. These specially formulated bacteria will consume inorganic materials in your tank, reducing the likelihood of issues like a soap blockage. These bacterial additives are an inexpensive way to optimize your septic system.
  • Install a filter: You should have an effluent filter separating your tank from your drain field. This filter needs to be replaced every time you have your tank cleaned. If you have an older tank, you might not have an effluent filter—talk to your technician about installing one during your next appointment.
  • Avoid flushing the wrong items: Septic systems are resilient, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to breaking down. Avoid flushing anything other than waste and toilet paper down your toilets and sinks. Dispose of diapers, condoms, paper towels and other forms of solid waste in the garbage can.

Since 1965, Ace Diversified Services has been a trusted provider of septic tank cleaning in Toledo, OH. We’re proud to provide our clients with a range of high-quality services, including water jetting. We offer comprehensive septic tank cleaning and maintenance services designed to meet our clients needs. To learn more about ways that we can help you keep your home’s septic system clean and clear, reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives today. We serve all of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan!

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