Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

July 24, 2019

Whether you own and operate a restaurant or are an at-home gourmand, you likely know how helpful it is to have a grease trap in the kitchen. You’re also likely familiar, however, with how challenging it can be to clean that grease trap. While grease traps can help provide you with a cleaner, safer and more convenient cooking environment, they can be a real challenge to keep clean.

Failure to clean a grease trap could pose a hazard to your kitchen. Over time, the grease might begin to rot and degrade. Additionally, it could pose a serious fire risk. If you run a restaurant, failure to clean and maintain your grease trap could even result in fines from the local health department.

Generally, you’ll have to work with a professional cleaning company to handle your grease trap cleaning in Toledo, OH. Grease traps tend to be located outside your commercial kitchen and embedded in an alleyway or the sidewalk—in some cases, the grease trap may be in the basement of your building.

Grease traps are notoriously challenging to clean, in large part because grease is so sticky and difficult to remove. Most grease trap cleaning professionals use specialized equipment, including water jetting equipment, to blast away built-up grease. This allows them to remove grease safely and efficiently, without spreading it all over the surrounding area.

If you’re experiencing grease backups or suspect grease is escaping from the trap, these are major red flags that it’s time to clean or potentially even replace your system. You should call for professional help as soon as possible. Here are just some of the things you should bear in mind when hiring a professional to come in and take care of cleaning your home’s or restaurant’s grease trap:

  • Hire professionals: Always choose professionals with an established reputation when hiring a company to clean your restaurant’s grease traps. Attempting to clean the traps yourself can quickly turn into a messy, potentially hazardous disaster.
  • Invest in water jetting: In addition to cleaning out the actual trap itself, you should have the lines that carry the grease into the trap jetted with each cleaning. This will ensure that they can still carry grease into the trap.
  • Avoid enzymes: Don’t try to use enzyme cleaners to delay your grease trap cleaning appointment. While it’s unlikely that these cleaners will actively harm your grease collection system, they’re also unlikely to actually make a difference in your grease buildup.
  • Clean it consistently: The most important thing to keep in mind when approaching grease trap cleaning is that it needs to be performed consistently. Your local health code likely provides you with guidance on how frequently to clean your grease trap.

Ace Diversified Services has been providing dependable and safe grease trap cleaning services since 1965. We also offer septic tank cleaning and provide portable toilet rentals. To learn more about our wide range of services, available for both residential and commercial clients, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. We’re committed to helping our clients keep their homes and businesses safe, clean and waste-free.

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