Understanding the Difference Between Porta Potties and Restroom Trailers in Toledo, OH

June 21, 2019

Many people make the mistake of thinking that any outdoor bathroom will do for their upcoming event. However, it is important to find a restroom that matches the occasion. You may find that there are certain events when a porta potty won’t be sufficient, and you will instead need to rent a restroom trailer in Toledo, OH. But do you know the differences between these options? Read on to find out!

Expanded versatility

Restroom trailers are the perfect solution when you are trying to establish a universal theme of elegance throughout all facets of your event. With these trailers, you can move your special event outdoors while preserving all of the creature comforts of an indoor bathroom, such as lighting, running water and even temperature control. The additional space of a restroom trailer will give you room to do things you wouldn’t be able to in a traditional porta potty, and you can even include accent rugs or wall art to increase your guests’ comfort and add to the sophistication of your event. Overall, these restroom trailers will allow you to seamlessly move your event outside without having to sacrifice the luxury that your guests will expect.

Varied layouts

One of the biggest differences between porta potties and restroom trailers is the layout. While porta potties are usually just one individual bathroom, restroom trailers come in various sizes and layouts that can be selected based on the needs of your event. Smaller two- or three-door trailers provide individual restrooms that can be designated as you see fit, with male, female or unisex labels. To accommodate more people at once, there are also larger eight- or 10-stall versions. These trailers have one main entrance that leads to individual stalls, each with their own door for added privacy.

Not just for luxury

Although portable restroom trailers are commonly used for luxury events, they are just as useful at other events that need the additional space that these layouts can provide. For example, if you are putting together an outdoor showcase where entertainment and performances will be held, restroom trailers have the space needed inside so that the various performers will have a place to change outfits conveniently and privately. This same space might also be desirable for guests at a wedding, campers at a campground or at marathon event where a runner might need an area to freshen up before the post-race reception.

While a porta potty can provide you with all of the conveniences you need when an outdoor bathroom isn’t available, a restroom trailer rental has much more to offer. Whether you need a tasteful restroom option for a classy event, or you want to take advantage of the additional space that a trailer can provide, give us a call at Ace Diversified Services. For over 50 years, we have provided various rental options for events of all kinds, and we are sure to have what you need for your next outing as well. Give us a call or pay us a visit today for help finding the porta potties or restroom trailers in Toledo, OH that are right for you!

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