Need Porta Potties in Toledo, OH for Your Event? Here’s What to Look For

April 23, 2019

Large events often require the use of porta potties in Toledo, OH. If you’re planning a wedding or graduation party, these units can be key to your event’s success.

As you plan your rental of porta potties in Toledo, OH, keep the following in mind. These details will help ensure that you get the right units to meet your needs.


Porta potties in Toledo, OH offer a variety of features for added convenience. Consider what might be best for your setting:

  • Light: Have you scheduled your event for nighttime? LED tap lights can be added to the inside of the unit. The porta potties in Toledo, OH also feature translucent roof tops. This means you can place the unit under your porch light or a street light to provide the necessary light for inside the porta potties.
  • Sanitation: All of Ace Diversified Services’ porta potties in Toledo, OH are equipped with hand sanitizer units. Hand wash sinks are also available. These feature hand soap and towels. For additional convenience, you can choose deluxe flush and fleet units, which have small hand wash sinks inside each porta potty.


Porta potties in Toledo, OH are available in three main sizes. Standard porta potties are 55” wide. Deluxe or fleet flushable units are 65” wide. Handicap accessible porta potties are 65” wide. Which best meets your needs? Keep delivery and location in mind as you plan. Will the porta potties need to fit through a fence opening? Confirm the size you need and are able to realistically use for your location.


When do you need your porta potties in Toledo, OH? Schedule delivery and pickup appropriately to ensure the unit is there when you need it. For weekend events, typical delivery is on Friday and pickup is on Monday. Of course, special arrangements can be made if needed. Simply consult with the team at Ace Diversified Services to determine your needs and work out the appropriate schedule.


As you consider your needs for porta potties in Toledo, OH, look for the perfect partner to meet them. You want to work with a company that is a trusted name in the industry, that can be counted on to deliver on time and provide quality products and services.

Look for a business that has a track record of success. Find someone who has experience and knowledge and is willing to work with you to ensure your event goes smoothly. Ask for references and check them. Verify that the company is worthy of your trust and your business before you schedule the rental of your porta potties in Toledo, OH.

Find What You Need

When your event could use porta potties in Toledo, OH, turn to Ace Diversified Services. We offer a full range of porta potties to equip your event with the units you need. Our team is committed to quality products and services that result in top customer satisfaction, every time. That’s why we’ve been the area’s go-to source for porta potties since 1965. Contact us today to make arrangements for your next rental.

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