Tips for Porta Potty Rental in Toledo, OH

December 13, 2018

Portable restrooms are often overlooked by people who are planning outdoor events, but they are a necessary part of making those events go off without a hitch—especially if there aren’t any toilet facilities in the immediate area. So while you might not have as much fun searching for porta potty rental in Toledo, OH as you do searching for a caterer or a DJ, this is still an extremely important process you need to go through when planning your event.

If you’ve never ordered a porta potty for an event before, here are a few of the biggest tips we can offer you:

Placement: The placement of the porta potty in the area where the event will be held is crucial. Always do your best to place the porta potty in an area that is both high and dry. It should also be in an area that’s highly visible, so your guests will easily be able to find them when they need to use the facilities.

Vicinity: It’s a good general rule to try to keep your porta potty within the general vicinity of where food and beverages will be served. It stands to reason that when people are eating and drinking, they’re also going to need to use the restroom, so it’s important to have the porta potty in a convenient location.Keep in mind that these restrooms will be even more heavily used if you’re serving alcohol at your event.

Lighting: If you know your event is going to be going into the evening, you should consider adding lights to your porta potty so guests can easily navigate them. This is also true in the exterior area—if you don’t have the event area lit up, you should make sure you have sufficient lighting for safety and visibility purposes, including around the area where you’ll be placing the porta potties.

Hand wash: Not all types of porta potties come with hand wash stations. We strongly suggest you add on hand wash stations, both for your guests and for your caterers. This is not just good practice for health and sanitation, but also often required for event sites to be up to health codes in your area.

Service: If you’re running a multi-day outdoor event, it’s a good idea to work with your porta potty contractor to set up a daily service plan, ensuring the porta potties are kept clean for guests every day of the event.

Handicap: There are porta potties available for adults and children with special needs, so consider having at least one handicap porta potty available for people who would need these special facilities.

These are just a few tips that will help you choose the right type of portable restroom for your event and ensure guests are able to use it without any trouble. For more information about porta potty rental in Toledo, OH, we encourage you to contact the team at Ace Diversified Services today with any questions you have.We look forward to assisting you!

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