My, how times have changed!!

As a company, Ace is proud of its long and varied history as part of the Toledo community. We are pleased to still be a family-run company after more than forty years!



Frank M. Almester started a sewer cleaning business called ABC Sewer Cleaners in 1959 after he returned home from the Korean War. Frank worked nights at the Plaskon plant on Glendale Avenue and worked at growing his business during the day. Check out the white-walls on the old truck!



With the help of his wife Dolores, Frank opened Ace in 1965. The first portable restrooms were made of wood and extremely cumbersome. They took two people to lift them in and out of the pick-up trucks.



In 1968, the first fiberglass and plastic portable restrooms were introduced. These units were more durable and lighter. Ace has continued to keep up with all of the latest advances in the market over the years for the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.



The evolution of the portable restroom continues with this plastic model that is closer to the version you will see in use today. Taken in 1975, this picture also shows the modern trucks that were being added to our fleet at that time.


Frank M. Almester passed away in 1988 and his son, Frank S. Almester took over the business at that time. Frank S. has worked at the family company since he was 13 years old and is proud to carry on the family tradition.


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